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Program Schedule

Summer 2018 Dates: June 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22

Day 1
8:30am  Welcome & Continental Breakfast / Introduction
Seminar Room 4, Lower Level Conference Area

  • How Third Party Factory Assessment Works
  • Types of Standard Services Offered  
  • Standards and Requirements 

Joanna Bates, Bureau Veritas
Bernard Kahn, FIT

12:00pm Buffet Lunch Provided
Lower Level Conference Area

1:30pm Assessment Processes
Seminar Room 4

  • Random Carton Selection 
  • Sample Size Selection
  • Inspection Equipment and Material (Joanna Bates)
  • Workmanship Inspection 

Joanna Bates, Bureau Veritas
Bernard Kahn, FIT

4:30pm Adjourn

Day 2  
9:00am Measurement Inspection Processes, Testing Coloration & Fabrics on-site & in Field
Textile Testing Laboratories, Dubinsky Building, 6th Fl.

  • Color Testing
  • Fabric Testing
  • Metal Detection
  • Ease of Temporary Label Removal - Inspector Demonstration
  • Fastener Reliability  - Inspector Demonstration

12:00pm Lunch on Own

1:30pm Testing Methods Continued
Seminar Room 4

  • Stuffing Material Screening
  • Wood Packaging Material Marking Verification Demonstration
  • Cartoon Drop Test Carton Quantity and Assortment
  • Tracking Label for Children's Products
  • Bar Code Verification

Sean Cormier, FIT
Liz Mann, Bureau Veritas

4:30pm Adjourn

Day 3
9:00am Repeat Performance Issues/Report Preparation                  
Seminar Room 4

  • How, Why and When Re-Inspections are Performed
  • Inspection Report Preparation 
  • Manual and Electronic Report Formats
  • Working as a Subcontractor Advantages and Disadvantage             
    • Dress Code and Conduct  
    • Key to Success
    • Service Agreement Packages

12:00pm Lunch on Own  

1:30pm Business Fundamentals & Guidelines
Seminar Room 4

  • Scheduling and Quotation Process 
  • Report submission 
  • Code of Conduct and Travel Guidelines
  • Reimbursement
  • Training

Joanna Bates, Bureau Veritas

4:30pm Adjourn

Day 4
9:00am Audit Simulation On-site in a Local Garment Factory

  • Spend the day working in an actual factory putting to practice course information with FIT faculty guidance

Lunch on Own

Bernard Kahn, FIT
Sean Cormier, FIT

4:00pm Adjourn 

Day 5
9:00am Recap Discussion, Review, Q&A
Seminar Room 4

FIT and Bureau Veritas Instructors

12:00pm Lunch on Own (personal study and review time)

2:00pm Assessment - Approximately one hour
Adjournment - Immediately after