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Image Consulting

Training in how to advise clients to enhance physical attributes, minimize physical weaknesses, and project in a more positive manner.

Not all courses are offered every semester.
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After taking SXI 100 on campus or online, students must opt for getting the certificate on campus or online. There can be no mixing at this time.

AICI Image Consulting Certificate Award

Image Consulting - On Campus

A total of 11 courses (9 required and 2 personal choice) is needed to complete this certificate.

Required courses (recommended in this order) 
SXI 100   Introduction to Image Consulting (on-campus or online)
SXF 400  Fashionspeak: How to Get What You Want, When You Need It
SXF 500  Fabrication: Everything You Need to Know
SXF 610  The Great Designers (on-campus or online)
SXI 200   Image Consulting: Wardrobe and Style 
CEO 019 Creative Business Plans for Consulting Success
SXE 100  Intro to Fashion Publicity and Events Planning
SXC 010  Experience the Power of Color: Life, Business and Career
SXI 300   Image Consulting: Business Essentials for Success 

Personal choice courses* (choose 2) 
SXC 150 Color Intensive for Fashion Professionals
SXF 300  Secrets from a Professional Shopper
SXF 325  The Inside Track: Making Fashion Work for Men
SXF 335  Fit, Balance, and Proportion Fundamentals for Men's Image and Styling
SXF 340  Most Iconic Menswear Milestones in Fashion History (on-campus or online)
SXF 700  Demystifying Fashion Forecasting
SXF 710  13 Ways to Get Smart About Fashion Trends
SXF 810  Color for Wardrobe Planning
SXM 130 Fashion Styling for Celebrity Images
SXM 400 Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Shows, from Start-up to Runway

Facilitator: Dominique Isbecque

Image Consulting - Online

A total of 11 courses (10 required and 1 personal choice) is needed to complete this certificate.

Required courses (recommended in this order)
SXI 100  Introduction to Image Consulting *
SXF 610 The Great Designers (online course)
SXF 300 Secrets from a Professional Shopper (online course)
SXI 200  Image Consulting: Wardrobe and Style (online course)
SXI 500  Fashion Essentials for Image Consultants (online course)**
SXM 405 Fashion Show Production Basics for Freelancers (online course)
SXF 810 Color for Wardrobe Planning (online course)
SXE 111 Introduction to Fashion Publicity and Events Planning For Image Consulting Students (online course)
CEO 001 Setting a Course for Your Business (online course)
SXI 300  Image Consulting: Business Essentials for Success (online course)

Personal choice courses* (choose 1)
SXM 410 Bridal Consulting and Wedding Planning (online course)
SXF 340 The Most Iconic Menswear Milestones in Fashion History (online course)

  * SXI 100 may be taken online or in the classroom. All other courses must be taken online.
** SXI 500 has been specially formatted to replace the information imparted in SXF 400, SXF 500, and  SXF 710.

Facilitator: Dominique Isbecque

Students interested in a Professional Development Certificate of Completion must file an affidavit/Online Certificate Declaration after completing the first class of the certificate program. This will also enable you to obtain your official FIT ID.

  • Log into MYFIT with your username and password at https://myfit.fitnyc.edu
  • Select STUDENT tab
  • Under Online Resources select ONLINE INFORMATION SYSTEM
  • In the MAIN MENU options select STUDENT
  • Select your program

*Students who are not currently registered for a class may experience difficulties in filing their affidavit online. If you encounter any problems processing your affidavit please contact Kathleen Friedman at Kathleen_Friedman@fitnyc.edu with your name, email address, and the name of the certificate you are completing. 

For login difficulties, please contact Tech Help at 212 217.4357.