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Fashion Styling

(Creative Solutions Certificate)

Courses and workshops focus on how to create images and characters utilizing merchandise and props, while working with photographers, videographers, visual professionals, editors, designers, and show producers for events, publication layouts and media.

We invite FIT Photography major students to contact the facilitator of this program, Sadia Seymour sadia_seymour@fitnyc.edu, for portfolio styling photo shoot opportunities.

Not all courses are offered every semester.
Links direct you to current offerings.

A total of 12 courses (10 required and 2 personal choice) is needed to complete this certificate.

Required Courses

(recommended in this order)
SXS 100 Introduction to Fashion Styling 
SXM 100 Styling Tricks of the Trade: Pinning, Taping, and Clothing Care
SXM 010 Styling: Fit Fundamentals
SXS 200 Fashion Styling for Print Media
SXM 120 Successful Styling for Photography: Fashion Biz and Beyond
SXM 125 Still-Life Fundamentals for Fashion Stylists 
SXS 250  Off Figure Fashion Styling for E-Commerce and Digital Applications
SXW 425 Hand Sewing, Mending, and Alteration Essentials
SXM 260 Fashion Styling for Social Media 
SXS 310 Fashion Styling Career Launch Workshop

Personal Choice Courses

(choose 2)
SXF 300 Secrets from a Professional Shopper
SXF 610 The Great Designers
SXG 100 Wardrobing for Theatre, Film, and TV
SXH 010 Fashion Styling: Home Fashion Business
SXH 100 Learn the Top Ten Design Motifs of All Time
SXI 100 Introduction to Image Consulting
SXM 220 Introduction to Fashion Photography
SXM 400 Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Shows, From Start-Up to Runway
SXS 330
Fashion Styling for Men
SXT 410 Intro to the World of Food Styling
SXT 500 Star-Quality Vintage Shopping

*Inquire with a Professional Studies advisor about the possibility of substituting  an alternate class.

Facilitator: Sadia Seymour

Students interested in a Professional Development Certificate of Completion must file an Affidavit Certificate Declaration after completing the first class of the certificate program. This will also enable you to obtain your official FIT ID. 

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