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Creative Enterprise Ownership

This program gives you the business skills you need to launch a business and run it efficiently and profitably. Each course focuses on one topic so that you can select just what you need.

Not all courses are offered every semester.
Links direct you to current offerings.

A total of 9 courses are required to earn a certificate; they need not be taken in order. We do recommend that you begin with CEO 001. If e-commerce is key to your business success, please see the certificate program, E-Commerce Essentials for Small Business.

Required courses
CEO 001    Setting a Course for Your Business
CEO 003     Formulating Your Financial Strategy
CEO 004     Managing Money in a Small Enterprise
CEO 005     Legal Basics for Business Startups 
CEO 008     Marketing Techniques for Promoting Business
CEO 075     Business Strategy: Plan for Success

Free-choice courses
CEO 002     Knowing Your Market
CEO 009     Building Your Business Brand
CEO 010     How to Launch an Online Business
CEO 011     Fundamentals of Online Retailing
CEO 012     Selling Your Products and Services
CEO 013     Getting Press and Publicity
CEO 014     Marketing Your Products to Boutiques
CEO 015     The Power of Negotiation
CEO 017     Creating Online Content for the Small Business
CEO 019     Creative Business Plans for Consulting Success
CEO 020     Owning and Operating Your Own Store
CEO 027     Promoting Your Brand
CEO 030     Social Media Marketing
CEO 031     Vintage: The First Sustainable Fashion Business
CEO 060     Building and Managing a Non-Profit
CEO 200     FutureLab

Students interested in a Professional Development Certificate of Completion must file an Affidavit Certificate Declaration after completing the first class of the certificate program. This will also enable you to obtain your official FIT ID. Getting Started with a Noncredit Certificate Program