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Color Specialist

Study of color usage for design, product development, and manufacture of apparel, accessories and home products, or for the enhancement of people in media and life. 

Not all courses are offered every semester. 
Links direct you to current offerings.

A total of 4 courses is required to complete this Certificate of Achievement.

Required Courses

(recommended in this order)

SXC 100 How Color Gets to Market
SXC 150 Working With Color Workshop
SXC 260 Color Painting Studio
SXC 350 Color Intensive: Pitch and Presentation Reality Workshop
SXN 482 The Unconscious Impact of Color in Our Lives

**Please note as of Fall 2018 this certificate has been updated to be a Certificate of Achievement instead of the long form Certificate of Completion. For students who began their studies prior to Fall 2018 please email non_creditreg@fitnyc.edu for an update on your status and a list of the courses you still need to complete.  Be sure to include your full name and date of birth in your email. 

Students interested in a Certificate of Achievement must file an Affidavit Certificate Declaration after completing the first class of the certificate program. This will also enable you to obtain your official FIT ID. 

 Getting Started with a Noncredit Certificate Program