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Color Specialist

Intensive study of color usage for design, product development, and manufacture of apparel, accessories and home products, or for the enhancement of people in media and life. After an introduction to both career concentrations- Fashion Products and Image and Style - in SXC 010, students are encouraged to specialize in one concentration or the other depending on interests and career paths. 

Not all courses are offered every semester. 
Links direct you to current offerings.

A total of 10 courses (8 required and 2 personal choice) is needed to complete this certificate. 

Required courses (recommended in this order)
SXC 010 Experience the Power of Color: Life, Business, and Career
SXC 100 How Color Gets to Market
SXC 150 Working With Color Workshop
SXF 500 Fabrication: Everything You Need To Know
SXC 210 Color Technology for Fashion Professionals
SXC 260 Color Painting Studio
SXC 350 Color Intensive: Pitch and Presentation Reality Workshop
SXN 070 Career Opportunities for Working with Color

Choose either concentration*:

Fashion and Home Products Concentration

Personal choice courses** (choose 2)

SXC 300 Color through the Eyes of the Modern Artist
SXN 470 The Insiders Guide to Color
SXF 501 Fabrication Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing Essentials
SXF 700 Demystifying Fashion Forecasting
SXF 802 Textile Color Lab Essentials for Apparel Designers and Developers
SXH 300 Color Workshop for the Home Fashion Market
CTD 350 Kaledo Print

Image and Style Concentration

Personal choice courses** (choose 2)
SXF 810 Color for Wardrobe Planning
SXN 470 The Insiders Guide to Color
SXF 710 13 Ways to Get Smart About Fashion Trends 

* Students who prefer to be more of a color generalist and want to explore career options may choose courses from either concentration.
** Inquire with a Professional Studies adviser about the possibility of substituting an alternate class.

Facilitator: Ben Gomes

Students interested in a Professional Development Certificate of Completion must file an Affidavit Certificate Declaration after completing the first class of the certificate program. This will also enable you to obtain your official FIT ID. Getting Started with a Noncredit Certificate Program