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Brand Management Experience

In-depth strategic courses featuring cutting-edge instruction on how to cultivate customer emotional bonding for fashion products to foster increased sales, profits and market dominance.

Not all courses are offered every semester. 
Links direct you to current offerings.

A total of 10 courses (9 required and 1 personal choice) is needed to complete this certificate. 

Required courses (recommended in this order)
SXB 100 - Increase Sales and Performance Through Brand Management
SXR 050 - Intro to Branding: The Art of Customer Bonding 
SXN 130 - How to Think Like a CFO: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Fashion's Bottom Line 
SXR 040 - Who Are Your Best Customers and How to Motivate Them to Buy 
SXB 200 - Brand Marketing Communications for Image and Meaning 
SXB 250 - New World Branding: Social Media Applications and Impact 
SXB 275 - Crafting the In-Store Experience to Convey the Brand
SXB 300 - Brand Management Analytics: Measuring the Value of Your Brand
SXB 400 - Brand Lab: Practicum in Brand Test Launching

Personal choice courses* (choose 1)
SXY 100 - Intro to the Importance of "Big Data"
SXY 200 - Digital Analytics: The Key to Unlocking Customer Intelligence
SXR 055 - Introduction to E-Commerce and Digital Retailing
SXR 119 - Omni-Channel Strategies: Winners and Losers
SXR 130 - Retail and Fashion: Where the Jobs Are Now

*Inquire with a Professional Studies advisor about the possibility of substituting an alternate class. It is possible to satisfy personal choice requirements with programs from other Business Certificates programs.

Facilitator: William D'Arienzo

Students interested in a Professional Development Certificate of Completion must file an Affidavit Certificate Declaration after completing the first class of the certificate program. This will also enable you to obtain your official FIT ID. Getting Started with a Noncredit Certificate Program