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In the garment industry, products are only as good as the patterns that they are made from. It is up to the professional patternmaker to take the designs or a prototype garment and develop it into a workable pattern for mass production. With so much of the profitability and success of the business riding on the original pattern, apparel manufacturers naturally want to hire only the most highly trained patternmakers.

The certificate consists of five selected Patternmaking courses, providing a professional environment and the opportunity for students to learn the necessary specialized skills through hands-on training by highly qualified professors.

This certificate is directed toward fashion designers who want to learn more about patternmaking and toward those already in the patternmaking field who are looking to advance their skills.  Students will be able to: 

  • Understand the key terminology of this specialized field;
  • Create accurate measurements from a dress form or body form; 
  • Work with industry specifications; 
  • Develop paper patterns and cut in fabric; 
  • Assess the proper fitting and adjustments of a garment; and 
  • Prepare the pattern for mass production.

The curriculum focuses on:

  • Developing initial body waist and hip templates from specifications
  • Developing patterns in various styles from initial templates
  • Applying muslin templates to mannequins with attention to specification and fitting
  • Grading and marker layouts for samples, costing, and mass production
  • Developing linings, facings, fusibles, stays, and stampers for tops and bottoms
  • Developing basic jacket, product development
  • Construction techniques
  • Fitting on live models
  • Introduction to the industry and the profession
  • Adjustments and modifications of production patterns on screen from screen fitting

Curriculum (10.0 credits)

PM 121 Patternmaking I: Misses' and Women's Wear
PM 122 Patternmaking II: Misses' and Women's Wear
PM 171 Pattern Grading: Misses' and Women's Wear
PM 233 Patternmaking: Misses' Sportswear
PM 255 Fit Analysis and Technical Documentation

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Faculty Members

Deborah Beard, coordinator
Luz Pascal, advisor
Cassandra Williams, advisor
Business and Liberal Arts Center, Room B436
212 217.4410