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NYS Residency Application

Winter 2021 Semester» New York State Residency Application (.pdf)

Spring 2021 Semester New York Residency Application Sp21 (.pdf)

Students applying  for residency for the Spring 2021 semester may provide the last three (3) pay stubs or financial yearend documentation if you have not received your W2 or 2021 NYS taxes has not been filed as of the time of application.  

Please carefully read the instructions below. In addition to the residency application, you must provide the required supporting documents.

New degree students and all non-degree students have to submit the application and supporting documents to the Office of Admissions. Continuing degree students should submit the application to the Office of the Bursar.

NOTE: If you live in New York State, but outside the five boroughs of New York City, do not fill out this application. Instead, apply for a Certificate of Residence issued by the chief fiscal officer of the New York State county in which you reside.

If you attended a New York State high school for two or more years, and graduated from it within the last five years, you are eligible for New York State resident tuition. You don’t have to complete the application. We only need a copy of your high school diploma and transcript or GED diploma.

Students receiving Parent PLUS Loans are not eligible for New York State resident tuition if the parents are not New York residents.

Completed applications must be submitted prior to the end of the registration period for the semester for which the application is intended. 

Semester Submit application by:
Summer 2020  May 27, 2020
Fall 2020 September 2, 2020
Winter 2021 January 5, 2021
Spring 2021 February 10, 2021

Only complete applications will be reviewed. All questions must be answered. The application must be notarized. Please allow four to six weeks for review.

No retroactive adjustments to your residency status for prior semesters will be made. Pending applications oblige you to pay the non-resident tuition rate; upon approval, you will be reimbursed accordingly. Applications for students who have an outstanding liability to the college will not be reviewed.

Eligibility for tuition billing at the New York State resident rate is contingent on you being able to prove that your permanent legal residence in New York was established at least one year prior to the start of the semester for which you are applying to change your status.

Being a resident of New York implies the decision to abandon one's former state of domicile and establish one in New York. Mere physical presence or enrollment at a college in New York State is not sufficient. Residency also implies the student's intent to remain in New York after completing his or her studies. Relevant factors include, but are not limited to, the state of voter registration and driver's license; one's residence for income tax purposes; financial independence; employment and income sources in New York; motor vehicle and personal property registration; the site of real and personal property and bank accounts.

A financially-dependent student takes residence from their parent(s) on whom he or she is dependent. The domicile of unemancipated students is that of their parents, custodial parents, or legal guardians. Students under the age of 24 must show proof of financial independence if claiming emancipation. In addition, students must provide evidence of one year of independent living in order to be considered emancipated.

For guidelines for Establishment of Residency for Tuition Purposes (SUNY):
SUNY University-Wide Policies & Procedures Directory

Supporting Documents

Students applying for change of residency status must submit supporting documents. One of the highlighted documents must be at least one year old.


  • Residential rental lease, or proof of ownership of New York State real estate property
  • New York State driver's license (or non-driver identification card) or motor vehicle registration
  • New York State voter registration card
  • New York State and Federal Income Tax returns for most recent tax year (including the W-2 Form)
  • Non-immigrant individuals: copy of visa
  • Immigrant individuals: copy of resident alien card

Applicants must present evidence of emancipation and an established New York State domicile in order to be designated as New York State residents for tuition purposes. Proof of emancipation must include documentation demonstrating financial independence.

Anyone claimed on a parental Federal or State tax return as a dependent is by definition domiciled with that parent.

Applicants who are receiving financial aid should be aware that a reduction in tuition charges might have an impact on their aid, and that in some cases, the awards will be also reduced.

Immigrant Aliens

Students who are not U.S. citizens must have a resident alien card and meet the other requirements necessary for establishing residency. (If the application is still pending, you must send a copy of your passport, stamped by USCIS, as being processed for I-551, or a copy of the Notice of Action from USCIS. in response to Form I-485, Application for Permanent Residence.)

Non-Immigrant Aliens

Students with student visas are not eligible for New York State residency status. Students with certain types of visas may be eligible if they have been residents of New York for at least one year, their type of visa qualifies (e.g. A and G Visas), and the visa is at least one year old. For more information on any specific visa, contact the Office of the Bursar.

Undocumented Students and Other Non-Residents

Non-resident students, including undocumented students, who attend for at least two years and graduate from a New York high school are eligible for resident tuition. See Undocumented Students

Appeals to the denial of New York State Residency Status for Tuition Billing Purposes must be done in writing to the “Committee for Residency Appeals” within 30 days of the letter of denial.





Mail applications to the Bursar:

Fashion Institute of Technology
Attn: William Martin, Office of the Bursar            
227 West 27th Street, Rm 333/15
New York, NY 10001-5992

Mail applications to Admissions:

Fashion Institute of Technology
Office of Admissions, Room C139
227 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001-5992

Or return in person to the Bursar:

Fashion Institute of Technology
Administrative Office of the Bursar
333 7th Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Or return in person to Admissions:

Fashion Institute of Technology
Office of Admissions
Feldman Building, Room C139
227 West 27th Street

New York, NY 10001-5992