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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bursars Office is to provide professional, responsive, and efficient financial services to students, parents, faculty, staff, college departments, and external organizations and to assist students in meeting their financial obligations to the College. The Bursars Office is dedicated to delivering quality services to all college constituents, while at the same time complying with college and SUNY policies, applicable laws, regulations, and mandates.

Bursars Office staff are charged with providing high level service to the various constituencies who depend upon them. The staff strives to meet the expectations of:

  • FIT students who rely on them to accurately assess their tuition and fees, disburse their financial aid in an expedient and efficient manner; and provide other ancillary financial services;
  • FIT administration who has given them the responsibility for collecting, depositing, and accounting for student funds; and
  • Government and other external agencies who expect them to appropriately manage funds sent to the College on behalf the students.

The Bursars Office mission directly supports the Colleges mission by providing the administrative and fiscal support that students need to continue their studies at FIT. The Bursar's Office strives to provide this support in the most convenient manner for students, sothey do not feel overwhelmed by burdensome administrative processes and can focus on their studies.

The Bursars Office mission is also aligned with the colleges strategic plan by addressing two of the plans strategic goals:to commit to a culture of student centeredness and to provide administrative support of the plan.

Vision Statement

The Bursars Office seeks to be a leader in providing quality financial services to FIT students and other constituents that rely on them for fiscal services. This should be accomplished using the most current technology and other resources available to allow the students to complete the majority of their transactions on-line, at anytime from anywhere.


The Bursars Office has established the following goals to support the College mission, the Bursars Office mission and the FIT strategic plan.

  1. Provide friendly, courteous and supportive service to FIT students and other constituents who rely on the Bursars Office for a variety of fiscal services.
  2. Implement cost effective and streamlined administrative processes to increase productivity (while maintaining optimal customer service.)
  3. Employ knowledgeable and well trained staff who have the skills needed to provide high quality service and perform other required office functions.
  4. Utilize the most updated technology to manage office functions and to provide students with web-based applications for them to manage their college finances on-line from a computer anywhere at any time.
  5. Effectively manage outstanding student receivables.
  6. Safeguard the college assets for which the Bursars Office is responsible. To this end, the department is committed to:
    continuing to enhance customer service techniques;
    creating cost effective and innovative solutions to changes in regulatory requirements; contributing to the enrichment and advancement of staff members;
    continuing the development, maintenance and enhancement of automated systems and processes;
    and continuing to evaluate policies and procedures to ensure they support the FIT and Bursars Office missions and the changing environment.