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Art Market Studies

  • - Gallery Reception

  • - Tour of Christie's Auction House

  • - Student Exhibition

  • - Art Fair

  • - Museum Tour

Combining interdisciplinary study with real-world experience

The Master of Arts program in Art Market Studies provides students with the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the global art world. Graduates forge careers in a broad range of for-profit and non-profit art organizations—among them, commercial art galleries, auction houses, art fairs, museums, foundations, online platforms, and art appraisal firms. In addition to learning about business models and funding structures—i.e. how institutions and organizations work—students gain an understanding of how these individual players interact with one another to form a vast and interdependent network. 

The program takes full advantage of its location in New York City—and, more specifically, in Chelsea, the hub of the New York art world—to immerse students in this dynamic field. Frequent guest speakers and site visits offer vivid insights, along with valuable networking opportunities. Additional industry experience is acquired through a required internship. 

Reflecting the demands of the industry—where success may require both art historical expertise and business acumen—the MA coursework is interdisciplinary in nature, covering subjects ranging from art law to valuation and appraisal to the history of contemporary art. The curriculum integrates comprehensive studies with practical experience in creating an actual exhibition. In this unique feature of the program, students are the organizers and curators of a gallery exhibition, handling every aspect of the process—selecting the artists, managing the budget, installing the show, and designing the catalogue and website.


  • FIT is ideally located in Chelsea, New York's premier gallery district. Hundreds of commercial art galleries, as well as a number of foundations and museums, are in easy reach of campus.
  • The faculty is comprised of recognized art professionals with considerable experience and extensive contacts. Classes are supplemented by frequent guest speakers and site visits—to galleries, artists' studios, auction houses, and museums.
  • Students gain valuable hands-on experience through a required internship. Past internship sites have included Christie's, Sotheby's, Artnet, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and The Guggenheim Museum.
  • Study and research is enhanced by access to a wealth of resources, both on campus (The Museum at FIT and the Gladys Marcus Library) and beyond (the Archives of American Art, the Frick Art Reference Library, and the Thomas J. Watson Library, to name just a few).