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Due to the snowstorm, the college, including the Gladys Marcus Library and The Museum at FIT, will be closed on Wednesday, March 21.   Additional details posted here.

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Student Achievement

Future of Fashion Critic Award Winners 2017

Children's Wear

Industry Critic:  Erin Rechner                              Critic Winner:   Jongah Lee

Intimate Apparel

Industry Critic:  Morgan Curtis                             Critic Winner:   Jin Young Kim


Industry Critic:  Victoria Lambourne                    Critic Winner:   Aleksandra Gosiewski

Industry Critic:  Flora Gill                                     Critic Winner:   Yekaterina Burmatnova

Special Occasion

Industry Critic:  Karen Sabag                              Critic Winner:   Carolina Sanz


Industry Critic:  Sophie Theallet                          Critic Winner:  Jinwoo Hong

Industry Critic:  Peter Do                                     Critic Winner:   Samantha Kirshner

Industry Critic:  Sander Lak                                 Critic Winner:   Taylor Ormond

Industry Critic:  Chris Gelinas                              Critic Winner:   Bria Hendrickson

Industry Critic:  Isabella Tonchi                            Critic Winner:   Selen Sahin