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The following is a list of current exhibitions.  Please check Upcoming Exhibitions for future events.

Art and Design departments are invited to submit proposals for group exhibitions. Proposals are reviewed by representatives from the Dean’s office and the Museum at FIT.  Once the concept for an exhibition is approved, the departmental curator selects work, designs the exhibition, prepares supporting written materials, and works with museum staff to install the exhibit.

Shirley A. Goodman
Resource Center

There are currently no Art and Design exhibitions in the Shirley A. Goodman Resource Center 

Marvin Feldman Center

Fashion Design - AAS Winners
Visionary:  Breaking Boundaries
August 17 - October 5, 2017

Poster for Fashion Design - AAS Exhibit

John E. Reeves Great Hall

 There are currently no Art and Design exhibitions in the John E. Reeves Great Hall

John E. Reeves Great Hall Corridor

Textile/Surface Design
Kornit Student Display
September 11 - November 10, 2017

Various textile design

Gallery FIT- Museum

Textile/Surface Design 
Crafting Change: New Textile Work
September 19 - 30, 2017

Four separate pictures of textiles