AICI Image Consulting Certificate Award

AICI New York Tri-State Chapter / Fashion Institute of Technology

The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is a worldwide, non-profit professional association of women and men specializing in visual appearance, and verbal and non-verbal communication. Our members counsel both individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior and communication skills to help achieve their specific goals with authenticity, credibility and confidence.

The members of the New York Tristate Chapter are spread throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Brazil, Trinidad, Chili, Israel, Belgium, Turkey, England, Ireland and Japan. Our goal is to empower members to maximize their individual talents and uphold the highest professional standards, in order to create a sustaining business and public presence as an organization.

AICI New York Tri-State Chapter is HONORED to give (1) $1000 award to one (1) non-credit professional development student after having completed the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Image Consulting Professional Development Certificate Program. The $1000 award will be announced at the end of the Spring semester and distributed during the annual certificate ceremony in June.


To be eligible for the AICI NYTS / FIT Image Consulting Program Award the student must have completed all courses required, all course work and be enrolled in or completed SXI 300. The application may be submitted prior to taking SXI 300 but must be after SXI 100, SXI 200 and 85% of all other courses. The recipient must have strong academic references, excellent written and oral communication skills and have demonstrated their keen interest and participation in Image issues. In addition, the recipient will have completed a volunteership supporting diversity and/or image initiatives. The recipient is expected to speak at an AICI NYTS meeting, after the award is granted.


These criteria have been set by AICI NYTS. Applicants must:

1. Be a noncredit certificate student who is about to complete or has completed the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Image Consulting Certificate Program.

2. Have maintained good standing in all FIT Image Consulting Certificate Program courses taken or currently enrolled in. Please attach a copy of your transcript which can be requested here: Request a Transcript

3. Request one reference, from the FIT Image Consulting Certificate Program instructors: Dominique Isbecque, Carol Davidson, Mary Anne Kokidis, Beryl Wing. The instructor will forward the reference to our award coordinator who will attach to your submission.

4. Complete volunteer work for the fashion industry or the community showing evidence of support and respect for diversity in helping people achieve their potential.

5. Submit a complete and well-organized application and be available to address one AICI NYTS chapter meeting, time and conferencing venue to be announced.


» Application (.pdf)

For additional information, please email AICI NY Tristate Chapter at [email protected].

Application packets should be emailed in PDF format to [email protected] with a subject line of "Image Consulting Award."

All Candidate Evaluation Forms must be submitted no later than March 21, 2022.

2022 Deadlines

  • Application Due: March 21, 2022
  • Award Announced: June 2022
  • Coursework Complete: June 16, 2022
  • Philanthropic Internship: March–April 2022