Textile Science

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Winter Courses
Jan 3 - Jan 19

Spring Courses
Jan 24 - May 18

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TS 111
Fundamentals of Textiles
3.0 credits
In state $660.00 Out of state $1,983.00

General study of textile materials with an emphasis on the factors that produce successful fabrics in the marketplace, including fibers, yarns, construction, color, and finish. Characteristics of a wide range of market fabrics are examined.

CRN Section Day Time Location
19653 BL1 R 6:30 PM—10:20 PM C312

TS 116
Knit Design Principles and Technology
2.0 credits
In state $440.00 Out of state $1,322.00

In this introductory course, students learn to identify, analyze, design, and document weft-knitted fabrics. The class covers the relationships between knit fabric structures and the technology used to create them. Students create original designs on industrial machinery and on computer patterning workstations.

CRN Section Day Time Location
19601 201 F 2:10 PM—5:00 PM C308
    F 2:10 PM—5:00 PM CCC21

TS 332
Technical Design for Sweater Knits
3.0 credits
In state $897.00 Out of state $2,712.00

Prerequisite: TS 111 or TS 015/TS 115 or TS 122 or TS 132 or approval of chairperson
Students learn the technical principles of weft knitting and sweater knit construction. Emphasis is placed on knitted fabric structures, sweater construction and production procedures, and spec’ing and fitting of garments.

CRN Section Day Time Location
19616 75A W 6:30 PM—10:20 PM C314