NEA Learning & Leadership Grant

September 15, 2015 - September 15, 2016

Elaine and Brian PI: Elaine Maldonado
Co-PI: Brian Fallon 

SUMMARY:  Pathways to Global Communication

Like many community colleges and four-year universities, FIT prepares students to enter a competitive and diverse global job market. All of the 20th-century challenges for teaching students communication skills still exist, but with an added challenge of preparing students to communicate with culture, language differences, and diversity in mind.

We aim to harness our existing global perspectives and resources to meet the challenge of communicating across cultures on our campus. Through a series of workshops, faculty will learn teaching strategies that help students understand and communicate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, helping them become true global citizens.

NEA Events

Workshop #1 Presentation: Making Cross-Cultural Connections: Language Diversity and Global Englishes.
Presentation by Brian Fallon and Elaine Maldonado December 17, 2015.

Workshop #2 Presentation: Don't Get Lost in the Translation. Presentation by  Brian Fallon, Elaine Maldonado, and Nicole Houser March 10, 2016

Workshop #3 Pathways to Global Communication April 29th, 2016. A Fuller Range of Motion: "Using Language Across Borders". Guest speaker Jacqueline Jones Royster, Dean of the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Workshop #4 Recap and Reflections on Pathways to Global Communication


Elaine Maldonado, Dr, Jaqueline Jones Royster and Brian FallonLeft to right: Elaine Maldonado, Dr, Jaqueline Jones Royster, and Brian Fallon.