In-Class Workshops

Writing & Speaking Studio informational visits provide a brief introduction to our services. We recommend introducing students to the Studio at the start of an assignment to align their communication goals with the types of support we offer in our tutoring sessions. Informational visits typically take about 15 minutes.  

Writing & Speaking Studio In-Class Workshops are tailored specifically to your class. We work with faculty to develop workshops that meet the needs and interests of your students. Some examples of workshops we've developed for classes include:

  • Multimedia Matters: Fair Use and Copyright
    Workshop details how students can search for, incorporate, and document multimedia materials responsibly.
  • The Final Draft: Strategies for Catching Mistakes
    Workshop walks students through several strategies for proofreading their own writing. Students will work with their own near final drafts.
  • Artist/Design Statements
    Workshop explains different purposes and processes for drafting artist and design statements and provides students guidance on how to discuss their work, aesthetics, creative decisions and processes, materials, philosophies, etc.
  • Presentation and Speaking Skills
    Workshop offers students strategies for developing and executing effective presentations that take audience needs and expectations into consideration when organizing content, developing visual aides, and delivering a meaningful presentation.