Faculty Research Space

faculty member wearing virtual reality goggles
Faculty member wearing virtual reality goggles
faculty research space electronics tools
Faculty Research - space and equipment

FIT's Faculty Research Space (FRS) is an interdisciplinary lab space intended to foster work across schools, and support a commitment to technology, innovation, and exploration, along with research and development. Faculty can explore on their own, collaborate, and/or bring students into the lab for demonstrations. 

The FRS is designed to give faculty members the opportunity to:

  • explore and assess new technologies;
  • experiment and engage with new materials;
  • determine technology's potential for pedagogical purposes or for development of new areas of scholarship and research; and
  • have a dedicated space to meet and work collaboratively on new initiatives, research, and scholarship.

The FRS is staffed by qualified IT personnel.

Share your ideas:

Share your ideas on emerging technologies we should evaluate at Emerging Technologies at FIT


Pomerantz Center, D524
[email protected] 

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm (appointments are available at other times)

Check out our GitHub: FITNYC-FRS