Teaching with Technology Reflective Teaching Portfolios

The Reflective Teaching Portfolio is an intrinsic part of the Teaching with Technology Certificate Program

An ongoing, reflective journal of a faculty member's evolution as a teacher , it is a valuable and widely recognized professional development tool. The reflective teaching portfolio includes a statement of teaching philosophy, responsibilities and goals, as well as key evidence showing how these goals are being reached.

For this certificate program, the portfolio should focus on the 1.) role of technology in one's teaching practice, 2.) reflection on the impact of technology on teaching and learning and 3.) ideas you may have to infuse technology in your teaching.

Blank Reflective Teaching Portfolio Template

Teaching Portfolio Programs

Carnegie Mellon: The Teaching Portfolio

Rutgers CTAAR: The Teaching Portfolio 

Certificate Completion

Each workshop will include surveys and assessments, and faculty will be required to develop and maintain a Reflective Teaching Portfolio that can be made available for collegial review at the time of completion.

ยป View a sample Reflective Teaching Portfolio (.pdf) (TWT) by Robert J. Lafayette, PhD

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To  view Reflective Teaching Portfolios created as part of the TWT certificate program, click on the departmen to the names of the recipiants. Click on the name to view their teaching portfolios.