About The CPD

The FIT Center for Professional Development (CPD) provides a framework for FIT administrators and staff to identify and participate in professional and career development. Training and development opportunities are designed to enhance knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to ensure FIT has a high-performing workforce able to contribute to meeting the college’s mission. The Center is aligned with the following FIT goals and agreements:

FIT Diversity Collective Goal: Optimizing the personal and professional potential of all members of the FIT community, especially staff, and their sense of inclusion at FIT.

2022-2027 Strategic Plan Goal: "Cultivate an inclusive and collaborative community of lifelong learners where access, connection, curiosity, risk-taking and respect are valued."

Collective Bargaining Agreement: "During the life of this contract a staff development program shall be implemented. This program shall include but not be limited to professional training in leadership and management skills and workshops that enhance job-related skills."

The CPD is the central repository of individual and collaborative enrichment opportunities and is the vehicle through which the delivery of these opportunities is communicated and delivered. The ultimate goal is to support individual career development and institutional succession planning.