Experts Talk Writing/Communication Pedagogy

This annual series highlights faculty across the college who have developed innovative writing and speaking activities and assignments that advance literacy and language learning, discipline-specific communication skills, and culturally responsive communication.

Each year, Sarah Blazer (Writing and Speaking Studio) and Katelyn Burton Prager (English and Communication Studies) curate the series and moderate a panel discussions of faculty experts on novel topics in communication teaching and learning. Highlights from recent Spotlight presentations can be found below.  

Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Featured Panelists

  • Jean Amato, English and Communication Studies
  • Ruth Jeyaveeran, Textile/Surface Design
  • Steve Keating, Writing and Speaking Studio
  • Erika Rohrbach, International Student Services
  • Renee Cooper, Fashion Business Management
  • Meeta Roy, Fashion Business Management
  • Mario Valero, Modern Languages and Cultures 

Fall 2018 

Fall 2018 Featured Panelists

  • Charlotte Brown, Educational Skills
  • Sarah Byrd, Graduate Studies
  • Ann Cantrell, Fashion Business Management
  • Susanne Goetz, Textile Surface/Design
  • Yasemin Levine, Social Sciences/Presidential Scholars Program
  • Shannon Maher, Home Products Development
  • Maria Rothenberg, Gladys Marcus Library
  • Ajoy Sarkar, Textile Development and Marketing

Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Featured Panelists

  • Sarah Blazer, Writing Studio
  • Laticha Brown, Fashion Business Management
  • Dan Benkendorf, Psychology
  • Kim Cunningham, Sociology
  • Tara Kun, English & Communication Studies
  • Katelyn Burton Prager, English & Communication Studies
  • Molly Schoen, Visual Resources Curator

Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Featured Panelists

  • Sarah Blazer, Writing Studio
  • Todd Blumenthal, FBM
  • Justine De Young, Art History
  • Brian Emery, Photography
  • Erica Moretti, Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Katelyn Burton Prager, English and Communication Studies