Experts Talk Writing & Speaking Pedagogy

This annual series highlights faculty across the college who have developed innovative writing and speaking activities and assignments that advance literacy and language learning, discipline-specific communication skills, and culturally responsive communication.

Each year, Sarah Blazer (Writing and Speaking Studio) and Katelyn Burton Prager (English and Communication Studies) curate the series and moderate panel discussions of faculty experts on novel topics in communication teaching and learning. Upcoming events and highlights from recent Spotlight presentations can be found below.  

Fall 2022

Fall 2022 marks a return to Spotlight programming. This Fall's symposium centers equity in our discussion of writing and speaking pedagogy across FIT. Spotlight: Experts Talk [Equitable] Writing and Speaking Pedagogy will feature six faculty members: Lolita Alford, Advertising and Marketing Communications; Nurhayat Bilge, English and Communication Studies; Delphine Horvath, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing; Meg Joseph, Global Fashion Management; Marie Lorenz, Fine Arts; and Paul Melton, Art Market Studies.

Spotlight will be held on Thursdays, October 13 and November 3, 12:30-2 pm in the Writing and Speaking Studio (Feldman 612). All are welcome; RSVP to [email protected]

Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Featured Panelists

  • Jean Amato, English and Communication Studies
  • Ruth Jeyaveeran, Textile/Surface Design
  • Steve Keating, Writing and Speaking Studio
  • Erika Rohrbach, International Student Services
  • Renee Cooper, Fashion Business Management
  • Meeta Roy, Fashion Business Management
  • Mario Valero, Modern Languages and Cultures 

Fall 2018 

Fall 2018 Featured Panelists

  • Charlotte Brown, Educational Skills
  • Sarah Byrd, Graduate Studies
  • Ann Cantrell, Fashion Business Management
  • Susanne Goetz, Textile Surface/Design
  • Yasemin Levine, Social Sciences/Presidential Scholars Program
  • Shannon Maher, Home Products Development
  • Maria Rothenberg, Gladys Marcus Library
  • Ajoy Sarkar, Textile Development and Marketing

Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Featured Panelists

  • Sarah Blazer, Writing Studio
  • Laticha Brown, Fashion Business Management
  • Dan Benkendorf, Psychology
  • Kim Cunningham, Sociology
  • Tara Kun, English & Communication Studies
  • Katelyn Burton Prager, English & Communication Studies
  • Molly Schoen, Visual Resources Curator

Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Featured Panelists

  • Sarah Blazer, Writing Studio
  • Todd Blumenthal, FBM
  • Justine De Young, Art History
  • Brian Emery, Photography
  • Erica Moretti, Modern Languages and Cultures
  • Katelyn Burton Prager, English and Communication Studies