2021-2022 Projects

Perkins VATEA 2021-22

Strengthening AAS Faculty skills, Knowledge and Capacity to Ensure Student Success 

In order to secure employment in technology-driven industries, AAS graduates must be able to use innovative industry technology to design, manufacture and deliver products remotely. To succeed in the workplace, expert fluency in this rapidly changing industry software is no longer an option. Indeed, the pandemic has made it crystal clear that institutions must ensure faculty currency with regard to technology, as well as the ability to integrate high level technology into effective classroom practice.

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Perkins Resources

Introduction to Browzwear Workshop Resources

Advanced Rhino Workshop Resources

Advanced Adobe Illustrator Workshop Resources

Introduction to Photoshop Workshop Resources

Intermediate Photoshop Workshop Resources

Introduction to Excel Workshop Resources

Advanced Excel Workshop Resources

Introduction to CLO Workshop Resources

Note, CLO workshop recordings are not available to the public.