Proctor Guidelines

These guidelines should be used by faculty who require proctored exams in their online courses. Currently FIT has four online courses which require proctored exams. If you are a faculty member who would like to add a proctored exam to your online course, please let Tamara Cupples (executive director) know and then apply these guidelines.

Text to appear in catalog for every course requiring a proctor:

This course may require proctored exams. Please visit for more information.

Text to appear on homepage of course (please make this a permanent announcement in your  online course):

Please note that this course requires a proctor to be present during exams. Exams may be taken at FIT during an approved testing session (see scheduled test sessions).

If you cannot attend a testing session on the FIT campus, it is your responsibility to schedule an outside test session with a proctor according to the proctor guidelines. Final approval of this proctor must come from your instructor.

The student is responsible for any postage and/or fee that may be charged by the proctor.

Proctor Qualifications:

Proctors ensure accurate test results by confirming the identity of the test taker, monitoring the testing conditions, and ensuring the security of the exam. Most exams are proctored by the instructor, if students can make it to the FIT campus. A student in a remote location who cannot attend a test session on the FIT campus can arrange to take tests by requesting a qualified individual to monitor (or proctor) the exam.

Proctors may be:

-A certified librarian
-A city or county official such as a civil service examiner or judge of a court of law
-An administrator at a college or university (department head, registrar, etc.)
-An official at a public or private school (principal, counselor, etc.)

All proctors must be pre-approved by the instructor at least one week prior to the exam. In order to obtain approval, you must fill out the proctor approval form and submit to your instructor at least two weeks before the exam date. The instructor will phone the proctor before granting approval.

Here are some resources to help your students locate a proctor in New York City and across the United States:

NYPL Mid-Manhattan Library - free proctoring in NYC

Other NYC Proctoring Locations that the NYPL Links to

National College Testing Association - National Proctoring Location Search

Sample of language for scheduled test sessions (from a current course by Dr. Williamson):

The final will be a 90 minute test that you must take proctored at the FIT campus (or an alternate location arranged by you). I will be giving the exams at the following times:

Here are the times for the Final Exam:

Tuesday July 15 10:10 AM - 11:40 AM B819
Wed July 16 1:10 PM - 2:40 PM B928
Wed July 16 4:10 PM - 5: 40 PM B928
Wed July 16 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM B928

Sample language for proctor approval form:

All proctored exams must be administered in an educational or professional setting. A new form must be submitted for each test to be proctored. Please remit form two weeks prior to test date.

sample proctor form