Processes and Procedures

  • The FRS will be staffed by a full-time IT technician with experience in academic and emerging technologies and with a strong skillset in multiple software packages such as Adobe Creative Suite and various 3D software: Rhino, Autodesk Fusion360, SketchUp Pro, etc.
  • Documentation of the processes and physical artifacts will be maintained to create a knowledge repository.
  • A process will be established where faculty can propose new hardware/software purchases to experiment and innovate.
  • In addition to the technology tools, the FRS will support experimentation and exploration through access to web and mobile development environments.
  • Faculty will be able to schedule time to use the FRS to work collaboratively with a limited number of students for developmental purposes.
    • Faculty will coordinate with the lab technician to arrange for technical assistance, 3D printing times, and to ensure the appropriate materials are available.
  • The FRS is reserved for the purpose of experimentation, innovation, and exploration that contributes to the mission of the college.