Teaching with Tech Certificate

The Teaching With Technology Certificate Program

A series of workshops sponsored by the Center for Excellence In Teaching.

Program Objectives for Faculty

  • ""Demonstrate greater skills and awareness of teaching with technology.
  • Identify appropriate technologies for use the learning space.
  • Responsibly integrate technology into teaching.
  • Assess self-growth with regard to teaching with technology. 


Program Overview

Workshops are offered on a rotating basis. In order to receive a certificate of completion, faculty must successfully complete all workshops and a Reflective Teaching Portfolio (TWT).


Workshops will include surveys and assessments, and faculty are required to maintain a Reflective Teaching Portfolio (TWT) that can be made available for collegial review at the time of completion. Additional information on Teaching Portfolios can be found on the CET website under LINKS and in the archives of the Adjunct Institute at CET Homepage.

Contact Celia Baez at [email protected] if you are interested in joining this program.

Topics Covered

M.C. Escher Hand with Reflecting Sphere
Creating, Managing, and Sharing Materials
Education and Technology
Interactive and Collaborative Tools
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Teaching with Technology Portfolios

Vist the Reflective Teaching Portfolios Page to review samples of portfolios written by your colleagues.