Teaching with Tech Certificate

The Teaching With Technology Certificate Program

A series of workshops sponsored by the Center for Excellence In Teaching

Program Objectives for Faculty

  • Learn and Lead keys on keyboardDemonstrate greater skills and awareness of teaching with technology methodologies.
  • Determine appropriate technologies for the classroom.
  • Responsibly integrate technology into teaching.
  • Assess self-growth with regard to teaching with technology. 

Program Overview
Workshops are offered on a rotating basis. In order to receive a certificate of completion, faculty must successfully complete all workshops and a Reflective Teaching Portfolio (TWT).

Workshops will include surveys and assessments, and faculty are required to maintain a Reflective Teaching Portfolio (TWT) that can be made available for collegial review at the time of completion. Additional information on Teaching Portfolios can be found on the CET web site under LINKS and in the archives of the Adjunct Institute at fitnyc.edu/cet

Contact Celia Baez [email protected] if you are interested in joining this program

Topics Covered

M.C. Escher Hand with Reflecting Sphere The Reflective Teaching Portfolio 
The Reflective Teaching Portfolio is an intrinsic part of the program. An ongoing, reflective journal of a faculty member's evolution as a teacher , it is a valuable and widely recognized professional development tool. The reflective teaching portfolio includes a statement of teaching philosophy, responsibilities and goals, as well as key evidence showing how these goals are being reached. For this certificate program, the portfolio should focus on the 1.) role of technology in one's teaching practice, 2.) reflection on the impact of technology on teaching and learning and 3.) ideas you may have to infuse technology in your teaching.
Download a Reflective Teaching Portfolio Template to get started.

Find additional information and resources on our Reflective Teaching Portfolio event page.

View a sample Reflective Teaching Portfolio (TWT) by Robert J. Lafayette, PhD

Document Folder Icon Creating, Managing and Sharing Materials With Colleagues and Students
The more you use digital content in your courses, the more data needs to prepared, formatted, named and managed.  This session establishes best practices in how to create, manage and share content in your classes and with your students that will enhance assignments and make orderly collaboration possible. The practices established in this workshop will be assessed by the cross-workshop work completed within the program.
Pyramid Graphic Education and Technology
Each program is updated to include current and emerging technologies that are having a significant impact in education. Recent topics that have been explored include: The Digital Syllabus, ADA and special needs technologies, augmented reality and research aids (LIB Guides) produced by the Gladys Marcus Library and fully integrated into Blackboard
and more. 
Celtic Knot Interactive and Collaborative Tools
Tools like VoiceThread and Padlet are among the many collaborative and interactive tools that bring students together to develop projects, assignments and presentations. This portion of the program is conducted online where participants will work in small groups to explore the learning opportunities fostered by active learning. 
Certificate of Excellence badge logo Certificate Completion
Each workshop will include surveys and assessments, and faculty will be required to develop and maintain a Reflective Teaching Portfolio that can be made available for collegial review at the time of completion. A list of certificate recipients and their Reflective Teaching Portfolios can be found on this page. 

Perkins Vatea: Best Practices for Teaching with Technology

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