Live Online Training Sessions

The Office of Online Learning is offering the following workshops this fall. Except where noted, all workshops are led by Jose Diaz, Online Learning Manager. Registration is not required, just click on the link for the session you'd like to attend. All sessions are recorded and available for later viewing here. 

How to Automate your Office Hours with Calendly
Tuesday, February 15th from 1PM-2PM Join session here
Friday, February 18th from 1PM-2PM Join session here
Learn to automate your Office Hours, students book appointments directly from your Calendly page. Reduce the back and forth of email communication. Your students will be able to see and book available slots directly from their computer or mobile device. You will no longer have to wait and see if students show up for office hours.

Unleash the Power of Google Drive/Docs in your Online Course
Tuesday, February 22nd from 1PM-2PM Join session here
Friday, February 25th from 1PM-2PM Join session here
Learn how to create Google documents that are centralized in your FIT Google drive and link them to your Blackboard course allowing you to quickly and easily update your documents without having to set foot in Blackboard. This method allows you to easily reuse the same documents in multiple sessions of your course minimizing the time needed to edit documents in multiple courses. We will also learn how to embed Google Slides into your Blackboard course.

Student Presentations (Digital Storytelling)
Tuesday, March 1st from 1PM-2PM Join session here
Friday, March 4th from 1PM-2PM Join session here
Learn how to scaffold a video presentation assignment that encourages students to use their creativity to build their own video presentations using Adobe Express (formerly known as Adobe Spark). You will receive: a) Student Video Tutorial b) Assignment instructions c) Assignment Rubric d) Template of the Google Docs Signup sheet and e) Padlet Template for Research Methodologies.

Active Learning: Teaching with Interactive Lecture Slides
Tuesday, March 8th from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Friday, March 11th from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Are you interested in learning how  Active Learning can transform your course? In this workshop, we will cover Active Learning strategies and how to implement these strategies in your course. How to leverage technology purposefully in service of your course objectives.

Scaffolding Assignments with Padlet - Professor Naomi Gross
Thursday, March 10th from 12PM-1PM Add to Calendar
Monday, March 14th from 5PM-6PM Add to Calendar
Learn how to scaffold assignments using Padlet. Come with an example of an assignment and we will help you scaffold the assignment using Padlet.

Video-Maker Series with Professor Michael Cokkinos
Thursday, March 10th from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Thursday, March 17th from 1PM-2pm Add to Calendar
In this 2-part series, you will learn how to create talking-head, demonstration, and screen capture videos with Screencast-o-Matic. This workshop will cover pre-production, production, and post-production. Please use this resource as a guide.

Professor Evie Rynkiewicz Video Tour 
Wednesday, March 16th from 12PM-1PM Add to Calendar
Professor Rynkiewicz will show us how she uses video in her course. She will share best practices, tips, and tricks on she uses Screencast-O-Matic to create engaging lecture videos.

Spec Grading
Tuesday, March 15th from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Friday, March 18th from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Learn about Spec Grading on how it can help your students uphold high academic standards, motivate your students to learn, discourage cheating, reduce student stress, make students accountable for their grades, reflect student outcomes, and motivate students to excel.

Creating Authentic Assessments  with Jeffrey Riman
Tuesday, March 22nd from 1PM-2PM - Join session here
Learn how to create assignments that promote active learning with your students. Jeffrey and Jose will show you some examples of interactive assignments that you can deploy in your face-2-face or online course.

Introduction to Brightspace
Tuesday, March 29th from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Friday, April 1st from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Learn about our new Learning Management System (LMS) Brightspace. This workshop will cover the basics, navigating around Brightspace, announcements, updating your profile, how to add a checklist to your course, and adding content.

Deeper Dive into Brightspace
Tuesday, April 5th 1st from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Friday, April 8th from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
We will take a deeper dive into Brightspace and we will cover how to create quizzes, assignments, discussions and how to embed.

Preparing the Students for the Metaverse, featuring Michael Posso 
Tuesday, April 26th from 12:30pm-2:00pm
Join us with this Webex Link
Join FIT part-time instructor and web developer Michael Posso for an event that will cover:

  • An overview of the metaverse and the tools needed to participate.
  • How the metaverse is being taught to students, including a club at FIT dedicated to hands-on exploration of the metaverse.
  • Preparing students for new professional opportunities.
  • How brands like Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Wendys, and Lego are incorporating the metaverse into their marketing strategies.
  • How content creators can earn royalties for their work.

This is the second part of a two-part series sponsored by the Office of Online Learning and the Center for Excellence in Teaching.

How to use Loom to create videos by Professor Jennifer Shloming
Friday, April 22nd from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Tuesday, May 3rd from 1PM-2PM Add to Calendar
Loom is a free tool that allows you to record your screen and talking head simultaneously. Professor Shloming will demonstrate how she uses Loom to create engaging course videos for her students.

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