Live Online Training Sessions

The Office of Online Learning is offering the following workshops this fall. Except where noted, all workshops are led by Jose Diaz, Online Learning Manager. Registration is not required, just click on the link for the session you'd like to attend. All sessions are recorded and available for later viewing here. 

Padlet Series: Padlet Basics
Tuesday, September 21st 1PM-2PM Join session here
Thursday, September 23rd 12PM-1PM Join session here
This workshop will cover the basics of using Padlet in your course, from creating the Padlet to embedding it into your Blackboard course. You will get a tour of the user interface. We will discuss the many faces of Padlet (Lecture tool & assignment/activity).
Padlet Series: Padlet Templates & Assignments
Tuesday, September 28th 1PM-2PM Join session here
Thursday, September 30th 12PM-1PM Join session here
Padlet has 7 templates to choose from. We will review each template and discuss the types of assignments or activities that work best for each template. An example activity or assignment for each template will be provided. We will also discuss how changing the background image can help you design your activity or assignment (Padlet Discussions - Canvas).
Padlet Series: Padlet Advanced
Tuesday, October 5th 1PM-2PM Join session here
Thursday, October 7th 12PM-1PM Join session here
In this workshop, we will discuss the advanced features of Padlet, such as creating individual assignments/activities, creating Master templates, remaking Padlets, and tracking student progress.
Office Hours with Calendly
Tuesday, October 12th 1PM-2PM Join session here
Thursday, October 14th 12PM-1PM Join session here
Are you looking for an automated system for students to book office hours with you? Calendly is a free tool that allows students to book designated slots from your calendar. It’s an easy and stress-free way to manage your office hours.
Active Learning Series: Introduction to Active Learning, Co-hosted by Online Learning Director Tamara Cupples
Tuesday, October 19th 1PM-2PM Join session here
Thursday, October 21st 12PM-1PM Join session here
What is active learning? What are some strategies that I can use to get me started? We will cover these questions in this two-part series. 
Active Learning Series: Teaching with Interactive Lecture Slides
Tuesday, October 26th 1PM-2PM Join session here
Friday, October 29th 12PM-1PM Join session here
In this workshop, you will learn how to use PollAnywhere and Playposit, free tools that will help you incorporate active learning in your class.
Gamify My Course
Tuesday, November 2nd 1PM-2PM Join session here
Thursday, November 4th 12PM-1PM Join session here
Are you looking to gamify your course? There is no coding involved. We will use Google Slides, Google Forms to create fun ways to get your students excited about learning. How you can use NFTs to gamify your course.
Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark Video
Tuesday, November 9th 1PM-2PM Join session here
Thursday, November 11th 12PM-1PM Join session here
A great story is easily remembered. If you are looking for a fun and engaging project for your students, then try the digital storytelling assignment. Students will learn to tell and create stories using Adobe Spark which will then be exhibited to the class. 
Adobe Spark Pages with Professor Shloming
Tuesday, November 16th 1PM-2PM Join session here
Thursday, November 18th 12PM-1PM Join session here
In this workshop, you will learn how to create Adobe Spark pages for lectures presentations and how to embed these pages into your Blackboard course. Professor Jennifer Shloming will share her work with Adobe Spark.
Recording Videos with Screencast-o-Matic
Tuesday, November 30th 1PM-2PM Join session here
Thursday, December 2nd 12PM-1PM Join session here
Learn how to quickly create videos for your classes with Screencast-o-Matic. You will learn how to create talking head, demonstration, screen capture, and Picture-in-Picture (PIP) videos, add captions, and embed the videos into your Blackboard classes.


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