Understanding & Effectively Using Campus Resources

In the case of an emergency which requires an immediate response, always contact the Department of Public Safety.

Department of Public Safety

(212) 217-7777 / Pomerantz Center, D-442 / [email protected]

  • All reports submitted to the Department of Public Safety which involves students are shared with the Dean of Students Office.
  • If you feel threatened and fear for your safety you should immediately contact Public Safety. They are on site 24/7.

There are also other campus resources available to you to assist in handling disruptive and/or dangerous behaviors, but are not crisis responders like Public Safety.

The Care Team

(212) 217-3800 / Business & Liberal Arts Center, B-221 / [email protected]

  • The Care Team or Behavioral Intervention Team, as they can sometimes be referred to, exist on college campuses to provide a 360-degree view of situations in order to better respond to concerning behaviors
  • The Team is made up of professional staff from the areas of Residential Life, Dean of Students Office, Counseling, Health Services, and FIT-ABLE
  • The Care Team is not an emergency response team. All immediate emergencies should be reported to Public Safety first. A follow-up report can always be submitted to Care after an incident is reported to Public Safety, if necessary
  • You should refer a student to the Care Team if you are concerned by a student’s behavior or have noticed a general change in the student’s behavior over time in your course. Examples of such behavior, included but are not limited to:
    • Unusual or erratic behavior in or outside the classroom environment.
    • Extended absences from class by an otherwise engaged and involved student.
    • Submission of class work that consists of troubling themes or references
    • Behavior that could be construed as threat to self or others.
  • All reports can be submitted to the Care Team online here.

The Dean of Students Office

(212) 217-3800 / Business & Liberal Arts Center, B-221 / [email protected]

  • The Dean of Students Office serves as a critical support structure dedicated to the intellectual, creative, personal and social development of FIT students
  • All reports submitted to Public Safety involving students are provided to the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office can also receive reports via the Care Team or individual departments on campus. Once a report is received the following steps occur:
    • The Dean of Students and/or designee investigates the incident and meets with the student(s). If upon investigation, it is determined that the Code of Student Conduct has been violated, the students can face disciplinary charges and the matter will be adjudicated as per the Code of Student Conduct

This guide has been designed to serve as a helpful tool. We hope that the examples provided are useful to you. If you have any questions and or need any help or support, there are resources available to help guide you.  Feel free to reach out at any point with questions or concerns