Student/Faculty Sustainability Roundtables

December 1, 2011
Student-Faculty Sustainability Roundtable Questions
March 29, 2012
Student-Faculty Sustainability Roundtable Questions


1. What does sustainability mean to you?
2. How would you differentiate between the terms green and sustainable?
3. What sustainability efforts do you see on campus?
4. Which departments at FIT that have made significant efforts to infuse
sustainability in the curriculum?
5. If you have taken classes that address sustainability, please describe
assignments or projects in that class.
6. What products are examples of successful sustainable design?
7. How can business classes help change the way people think?

8. Please give your opinion on interdisciplinary courses that would address design,science  and business.

Article: Demand Enhancement Ingredient: The New Sustainability (pdf) by Jeffrey Silberman
Jeffrey Silberman is the Chairperson of the Textile Development and Marketing Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City and the Executive Director of the International Forum for Cotton Promotion (IFCP).

Sustainability Roundtable December 1, 2011

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