FIT Concourse Syllabus and Related Resources

Syllabus Reference

The FIT Concourse Digital Syllabus 

Concourse Syllabus is a campus-wide, syllabus template that includes accurate information including:

  • Course Title, CRN, location and meeting time.
  • Course Description and Learning Outcomes.
  • FIT resources, policies.

The syllabus must be created in Brightspace. There, you can build and/or edit your course syllabus and share it with your classes. All basic content is updated twice daily during the semester which means a change in location will be updated within 12 hours. 

Below are links to guide you in your preparations. If you need additional support contact the CET at (212) 217-4064 or make an appointment using  this Calendly Link

Training Resources

Tutorial: How to add Concourse Syllabus to your Brightspace Course
Heres how to copy parts of your syllabus from a previous semester 
On-Demand Training contains detailed instructions on how to build each area of your syllabus and how to copy your syllabus to other semesters. 
For problems using this product please email: [email protected] they respond within the 12 hours.