Designing with Music

A faculty development event sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET) and the Faculty Research Space (FRS). This unique collaborative event explored the intersection of pedagogy, design and emerging technology - with musician Dan Tepfer Partnering with FIT faculty and building on synergistic musical connections, faculty explored new ways to connect the diverse professional practices at FIT.

The resulting examples feature the work of Susanne Goetz Textile/Surface Design, Maria Hwang, Science & Mathematics, Suzanne Lettieri, Ethan Lu and Carmita Sanchez-Fong, Interior Design, Amy Sperber, Fashion Design: Apparel and Reginald Rogers, Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design. 

View Dan Tepfer perform - Dan explains how he creates visualizations using innovative algorithms that interact with musical improvisations. [misssing image: dwm-cet-tepfer-perform.png]

Responsive Rhythm - a collaborative exploration of visual sound, Susanne Goetz (Textile/Surface Design),  Amy Sperber (Fashion Design) and Maria Hwang (Science and Math) present their work at the intersection of music and wearable technology. [missing image: cet-dwm-rhythm.png]

False Walls - using machine learning applied as a virtual backdrop for the perfomance. presented by Suzanne Lettieri (Interior Design) and Michael Jefferson (Assistant Professor Part-Time at Cooper Union). [cet-dwm-false-walls.png]

Architectural InterpretationsEthan Lu and Carmita Sanchez-Fong (Interior Design) presented Architectural Interpretations of Dan Tepfer’s music, transforming visual algorithms into 2D design patterns, 3D building assemblies, and 3D printed models. [missing image: cet-dwm-architectural.png]

[missing agenda and flyer files: dwm-cet-agenda111620.pdf  and  cet-tepher-flyer-111620.png]