Master Teaching Series

II. Master teaching series

Attending a class taught by a master teacher is the best training a teacher will ever find. If you have never had the experience, please ask your chair if you can sit in on someone’s class. Even the most experienced faculty find inspiration from watching colleagues in action. There is always something new to learn!  


cj mts levinson mts
CJ Yeh
Communication Design

Daniel Levinson WilkHistory

Professor CJ Yeh (Communication Design) and Professor Daniel Levinson Wilk (History) are SUNY Chancellor’s Award recipients for Excellence in Teaching. Watching Professor Yeh and Professor Levinson-Wilk teach provides a window on effective teaching styles. You may find that some of the approaches these faculty incorporate could work for you. As you watch the videos, please note the diverse classroom activities. How do these faculty support and foster student engagement?

Click here for Master Teaching exercises. Please be sure to watch each of the videos before you proceed.