Force of Nature Exhibition Receives a Commendation

Installation view of Force of Nature featuring five dress objects and a large scale reprint of Ernst Haeckel Plate 85 in the backgroundThe Museum at FIT is pleased to announce that The Costume Society of America's Richard Martin Exhibition Award committee has honored the 2017 MFIT exhibition Force of Nature with an official commendation. The committee recognizes institutions that demonstrate outstanding achievement in the area of costume exhibition. Force of Nature, was described as an “exceptional” and “visually stunning” exhibition that provided an in-depth exploration of the relationship between fashion and science.

Curated by Melissa Marra-Alvarez, Force of Nature, examined the intricate relationship between fashion and the natural world from the eighteenth century to the present day. This exhibition went beyond presenting flora and fauna as decorative, using scientific concepts, theories, and literature, it explained how fashion often serves as an indicator of Western society’s relationship with the natural world. 

In light of this commendation, we would also like to recognize the exhibition advisory committee, and MFIT staff whose contributions to this exhibition helped make it a success.