Museum FAQ

What are the museum’s hours?

The museum has new hours. We are open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from noon to 8 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm. 

Do I need to reserve a ticket in advance?

No ticket reservations are needed at this time and admission to the museum is free. 

What safety measures is the museum taking?

All visitors are requested to review the latest safety guidelines and protocols, available on our Visit page. Please visit the COVID-19 status page for FIT's most recent status updates related to the coronavirus.

How many people can I visit the museum with?

Groups of people entering together should consist of no more than five friends or family members.

Are you still accepting applications for internships? 

The museum does not have any internships at this time.

Can I schedule a tour or class at the museum?

We are unable to book tours or classes at this time in an effort to avoid overcrowding. We suggest that educators or tour guides encourage students and visitors to visit the museum individually or with a group of 5 or less.

We have created a few videos that together provide a 100-year overview of fashion and accessory history. Watch them on YouTube.

I would like to request licensing of one of your images.

Please visit our Rights and Reproduction page to submit a licensing request. 

I am a journalist. Can I still request an interview?

Yes, please email [email protected].

I am a student. Can I request an interview with Dr. Valerie Steele?

Dr. Steele is unable to accommodate student interviews. 

Planning a Visit

Q:  How much is admission to the Museum?

A:  The Museum at FIT is free to the public at all times.

Q:  When is the Museum open?

A:  The Museum is open Wednesday through Friday noon to 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Q:  How do I get to the Museum by bus, subway, or car?

A:  Please see the Plan Your Visit page.

Q:  Where can I park my car?

A:  Metered street parking is available and public parking lots are located on West 26th between 7th and 8th Avenues, West 28th between 7th and 8th Avenues, and West 28th between 6th Avenue and Broadway.

Q:  Are there bike racks?

A:  Yes, on the northwest corner of Seventh Avenue and 27th Street

Q:  Is there a coat check?

A:  No, unfortunately there is no place to check your coat and bag at the Museum.

Q:  Is the Museum wheelchair accessible?

A:  Yes. 

Q:  Where can I get a bite to eat?

A:  There are numerous restaurants and cafes in the area. Please see our Area Attractions page for more information.

Q:  Does the Museum offer audio tours?

A:  The Museum does not offer audio tours at this time.

Q:  Does the Museum offer gallery tours?

A:  No, due to COVID-19 protocols, we are not offering gallery tours at this time.

Q:  How do I arrange for a group of adults or students to visit?

Group tours, guided or self-guided, are not available at this time.

Q:  How can I see an object from the Museums permanent collection in person?

A:  At any given time, there are at least 100 objects from the Museum's collections on view to the public in the galleries. Objects not on view in the galleries are available to a select group of people. Please see our Research Opportunities page for more information. There are also over 2000 objects on view in our Online Collections.

Q:  Is photography permitted in the Museum?

A:  Non-commercial still photography for personal use is now permitted in designated galleries. Flash, tripods, and selfie sticks are not allowed. At times photography may be prohibited in certain galleries or of specific objects due to lenders restrictions. Movie and video cameras are always prohibited. For press and other special photography, including film and video projects, please contact the Department of External Relations during business hours by phone (212-217-4700) or email: [email protected]  For requests to reproduce museum images for purposes other than private and noncommercial, please visit the Rights and Reproductions page on our website.

Q:  Are visitors permitted to sketch in the Museum?

A:  Sketching with pencil is permitted. However, pens, paints, markers, charcoal, and easels are not permitted. While sketching, please do not hinder visitor traffic flow in the galleries.

Q:  Does the Museum have a lost and found?

A:  If you have left something behind at the Museum, call the FIT security office at (212) 217-7777.

Q:  Can I host an event at the Museum?

A:  The Museum is not available for private events. However, many spaces on the FIT campus are available for rental. Please see Facilities Rental.

General Information

Q:  How many visitors a year does the Museum get?

A:  The Museum receives approximately 100,000 visitors annually.

Q:  Why are the light levels so low in the galleries?

A:  Textile-based objects are extremely vulnerable to fluctuating temperatures and humidity, as well as to bright lights. The light levels are kept low in order to prevent the materials from fading or disintegrating.

Q:  What is meant by the term permanent collection?

A:  The permanent collection of The Museum at FIT consists of objects that the Museum owns. (It does not include works temporarily on loan to the Museum.) The Museum at FIT currently owns approximately 50,000 garments and accessories and 30,000 textiles. The Fashion & Textile History Gallery is dedicated to the display of permanent collection objects. The Special Exhibitions Gallery features a combination of permanent collection objects and loan objects. Gallery FIT primarily exhibits loan work of FIT students and faculty. Permanent collection objects are on display in the annual Graduate Student exhibition.

Q:  What is in the Museums permanent collection?

A:  The Museum's world-renowned permanent collection includes clothing, accessories, textiles, sample books, and photographs.

Q:  How do I let the Museum know about my work?

A:  The Museum does not collect unsolicited fashion items except those by major designers.

Q:  How do I find out how much an object in the Museum collections is worth?

A:  The Museum does not disclose the monetary values of objects in its collections.

Q:  Can you tell me the value of a costume, accessory, or textile that I own?

A:  The Museum does not provide monetary appraisals. To determine the value of an object you should consult a reputable appraiser or auction house.

Q:  What is the relationship of The Museum at FIT to the Fashion Institute of Technology?

A:  The Museum at FIT is a division of the college, itself which is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system.

Q:  How does the Museum use the information it collects about its online visitors?

A:  Please see the Museum's Privacy Policy for information about the privacy of its online visitors.

Rights and Reproductions

The following are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding rights and reproductions of images and content from The Museum at FIT’s website.  Please visit our Rights and Reproductions page for complete terms and details.

Q:  May I post unaltered images and captions from the Museum’s website to my social media feed?

A:  Yes, so long as the images remain unaltered and the citation attributes the image source to The Museum at FIT and include the URL or #museumatfit hashtag or account handle.  The Museum considers such postings noncommercial personal or educational use, depending on the context.

Q:  May I put unaltered images and captions from the Museum’s website on my personal website?

A:  Yes, so long as the website is noncommercial, meaning it takes in no advertisements and no sponsors, does not charge a fee for services, and does not offer any product or service for sale. The images must remain unaltered. All of the accompanying caption information must be included without alteration, and the citation must attribute the image source to The Museum at FIT and include the URL

Q:  May I print selected images or text excerpts from the Museum’s website for a school report?

A:  Yes, if it is a personal or academic work, and not for formal publication in any medium (e.g. in a journal, periodical, book, etc.). The images must remain unaltered. All of the accompanying caption information must be included without alteration. You should cite the source as you would any printed work; the citation must attribute the image source to The Museum at FIT and include the URL This type of use is encouraged.

Q:  May I put unaltered images and captions from the Museum’s website on a file server or database at my school or museum?

A:  Yes, but only if there is no charge for the user to access the content and if electronic distribution is limited to your school or museum. The images must remain unaltered. All of the accompanying caption information must be included without alteration, and the citation must attribute the image source to The Museum at FIT and include the URL

Q:  How do I obtain permission for other forms of publication?

A:  Please visit our Rights and Reproductions page for full terms and conditions, including information about how to obtain approvals for use in publication, including by the press.  Uses that are not covered by the Museum’s grant of use for certain personal and educational uses are subject to written agreement and may be subject to license fees. 


Q:  How do I volunteer at The Museum at FIT?

A:  The Museum at FIT is unable to accommodate volunteers. However, MFIT does offer a select number of Graduate Student Internships. To apply for an internship at MFIT, please visit our Internships page for application information, deadlines and forms.

Q:  How do I apply for an internship at The Museum at FIT?

A:  MFIT offers a select number of Graduate Student Internships. To apply for an internship at MFIT, please visit our Internships page for application information, deadlines and forms. Internships are unpaid, but interns may receive graduate school credit where this is applicable.

Q:  How do I apply for a job at The Museum at FIT?

A:  The Museum at FIT is a division of the college. All jobs applications and resumes should be submitted directly to Human Resources.

Q:  Does the Museum offer educational programs?

A:  Yes, for more information on our current educational programs, please visit our Calendar of Events page. All programs are free unless otherwise indicated.

Q:  Do I need to register to attend the Museums educational programs?

A:  Reservations are required for all events, as space is limited. To register, use our online reservation form, email [email protected] or call (212) 217-4585.


Q:  How do I make a financial contribution to the Museum at FIT?

A:  Financial contributions are most welcome and needed! Donations of money can be made by sending a check made out to The Education Foundation of the Fashion Industries. It should be mailed to the Museum, attention: Directors Office, 227 W. 27th Street, Room E304, New York, NY 10001-5992. For bequests, or other unique contributions, please contact the Directors Office by emailing [email protected].

Q:  How do I donate clothes, accessories, or other fashion related material to the Museum at FIT?

A:  The Museum at FIT has long benefited from the publics generosity in building its collections. We continue to welcome gifts, however not every object is right for the Museums collections. If you have something you believe belongs in our museum contact Laura Gawron at [email protected]. You must be able to send a description and images of your proposed donation. If emailing images, please limit the file size to 2mb. Information will then be forwarded to the appropriate curator. Please be aware that unsolicited donations are not accepted. For more information about our careful process for reviewing all gift offers and what to expect, please visit our Donations and In-Kind Gifts page.


Q:  How do I become a member of the Museum?

A:  The Museum at FIT does not offer a general membership since it is free to all visitors. However, the Museum does offer a membership to our Couture Council, a philanthropic circle of friends. To learn more about the benefits to this high level membership, please visit our Couture Council page.

Mailing List

Q:  How do I add my name to your mailing list?

A:  If you would like to receive electronic mailings from us, please sign up here. If you would like to receive paper mailings, please email [email protected] and request to be on our paper mailing list.

Q:  How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

A:  Please email [email protected] and ask that your name be removed.


Q:  My question isn't answered here. Who can I contact?

A:  For queries that are not answered here, or elsewhere on our website, please email [email protected].