Tell Us Your Hip Hop Style Story!

Call for Video Submissions

The Fresh, Fly, Fabulous: Fifty Years of Hip Hop Style exhibition features a selection of Hip Hop Style Story Videos playing in the gallery. We invite you to submit yours for consideration!

elena romero sharing her favorite hip hop object, her nameplate ring
Watch exhibition co-curator Elena Romero's submission, as an example (38 seconds)

Hip hop is about community and inventive storytelling that expresses who you are and where you come from. Hip hop style evolves as community members continue to speak their truth. We want to hear your story via a short video clip, and see your favorite hip hop fashion object—a garment (a shirt, a pair of jeans, etc.), or an accessory (a shoe, hat, or piece of jewelry).



  • Gather the hip hop object you would like to feature in the video.
  • Locate yourself in a well-lit and very quiet space (no background noise).
  • Using a smartphone, tablet, or computer to record your story, center yourself in the frame and ensure that you and your fashion object are visible and well lit.
  • Share your 60-second style story using the link below.
    • Introduce your hip hop fashion object.
      • For example, what is it; who designed it, if applicable; what year did you acquire or wear it?
    • Tell us why it is important to you.
      • For example, does it remind you of your favorite hip hop song or artist; mark a significant milestone in your life or have a special memory attached to it; and what about its design makes it special?
  • Review your video for clarity and complete the submission process
Document your Hip Hop Style Story and be a part of MFIT history!


Please note that submissions are subject to editing by MFIT staff in order to make this project as viewer-friendly as possible. Images and video may be cropped, edited, reformatted, or color corrected. The Museum at FIT maintains the right to exclude submissions for any reason.