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chocolate bar moschino dress with the words "Food & Fashion" in chocolate ink
Moschino, chocolate bar gown, fall 2014, Italy, Museum purchase, 2019.55.1

Bloomberg Connects

Dive deeper into some of the objects on display in Food & Fashion with curators Melissa Marra-Alvarez and Elizabeth Way.

White t-shirt with printed design of 18th century woman drinking tea with text “Vivienne Westwood vive La Cocotte Autumn Winter 1995/1996”

Haute Couture / Haute Cuisine

Learn more about how Vivienne Westwood draws on the French legacy of luxury through food and fashion.


Vivienne Westwood, "Vive la Cocotte" t-shirt, fall 1995, England, gift of Timothy Reukauf, Stylist, 96.36.9

Matching dress and jacket in black silk crepe with contrasting off white crepe bodice

Dressing to Dine

How did the cocktail dress change women's lives in the 1920s? Learn more!


Silk crepe cocktail dress and jacket, circa 1930, USA

Pink and white checked dress with fried eggs on the skirt

The Eye has to Eat

Can you guess which artists inspired Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s Fried Egg Menina dress? Learn about these inspirations and how they influenced the designer.


Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Fried Egg Menina dress, 2009. @Estudio Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Ball gown in light beige silk ottoman, embroidered with rhinestone studded gold metallic floral motifs on bodice and straps

The Fashion Cookbook

Did you know Christian Dior was a great gourmet? Explore the parallels between Dior’s love of cuisine and couture.


Christian Dior, Silk ottoman ball gown with gold metallic embellishment, fall 1957, France, Permanent loan of Mrs. Michael Blankfort, PL74.1.24

Silk dress with yellow gold penne, farfalle, macaroni and spaghetti pasta print tied with red logo ribbon

We Eat What We Are

Learn about how Dolce and Gabbana use pasta as metaphor for Italian excellence in their pasta-print dress.


Dolce & Gabbana, pasta print silk dress, spring 2017, Italy, Museum purchase, 2021.41.1

Multi-patterned colorful ensemble with asymmetrical skirt

We Eat What We Are

Travel to Singapore through Reckless Ericka’s delicious designs featuring unique delicacies.


Reckless Ericka, 2019. Photograph courtesy of RECKLESS ERICKA. Shot by Raymond, Capsule Productions.

Model wearing yellow ochre corduroy ensemble with brown button down top

We Eat What We Are

Learn how Niyi Okuboyejo mixes ethical production, his Nigerian roots, and the aesthetics of jollof rice into this 2020 ensemble.


Post-Imperial, Jollof Collection ensemble, fall 2020. Photograph by Joshua Kissi. Model: Babou Sanneh.

Denim overalls floor length dress with white t-shirt

Activism & Protest

Explore the ways in which Patrick Kelly advocated for Black southern American agricultural workers through his designs.


Patrick Kelly, denim overalls dress, fall 1987, France, gift of Bjorn G. Amelan and Bill T. Jones, 2016.82.9

Model wearing black strap skirt, grey tshirt while holding a sign that says

Fashion from the Fridge

Fabric from food waste? Find out more about the Piñatex material used in Marina Hoermanseder’s pineapple trap skirt.


Marina Hoermanseder, Piñatex strap skirt, 2020, Austria. Photo ©Stefan Kraul. Image courtesy of Marina Hoermanseder.

A woman wearing a cream, hand-dyed ensemble sitting with a young child wearing a white dress

Growing Alternatives

Learn about, FIT Alumni, Mimi Porber’s “farm-to-fashion” design ethos.


Mimi Prober, “Garden and Plate” collection ensembles, spring 2021. Photo by Patrik Andersson. Courtesy of Mimi Prober.

Shimmering brown and grey strapless evening gown with Chocolate Bar print with ruffled neckline and full trumpet skirt

Consuming Bodies

Good enough to eat? Discover Jeremy Scott’s inspiration for his 2014 Moschino chocolate bar dress.


Moschino, chocolate bar gown, fall 2014, Italy, Museum purchase, 2019.55.1

Sheer white double layer A-line dress printed with photographs of desserts and pastries with asymmetrical neckline trimmed with pearl strands

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice?

Explore the symbolism of sweets in Junya Watanabe’s dessert print dress.


Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garçons, Dessert-print white dress with pearl embellishment, spring 2001, Japan, Museum purchase, 2008.46.3

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