Up with MFIT


The animation company Pixar has done it again with help from The Museum at FIT! Pixar's latest film "Up" is at the top of the charts and the reviews are matching attendance. Did you know, though, that Pixar animators are MFIT Design Members and referenced textiles from our swatch collection to design a number of elements in the film? In this picture, notice Carl's jacket and the upholstered chair.

still frame from movie up

It took three years of research and when the production team was done, they sent the museum this note:

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my visits to FIT during the making of "UP" and encourage you to go see it this weekend! You will see lots of beautiful fabrics that we made from some of the samples from your collection! Especially on the interior of the house, and for Ellie's costumes. It was great fun and we couldn't have done it without you guys."

Pixar also visited The Museum at FIT to do work for the Oscar-winning film "The Incredibles."