Toolbox for Scholarly and Creative Activity



Scholarly and creative activities are taken into account for faculty tenure and promotion. The Office of Faculty Development recognizes the value of faculty research and artistic accomplishments and seeks to support your activity by providing access to campus and SUNY resources and sharing opportunities for collaboration and funding. 

If you would like to learn more about support for scholarly and creative activities, please contact Brian Fallon.

Research Support

» Connect with a Librarian: Faculty are encouraged to connect with their department's Library Liaison for research support. 

» FIT Library Services for Faculty: Information about Inter Library Loan, Databases, Forecasting and Trend Services, and the Digital Image Library.

» Special Collections and College Archives: Explore FIT's Special Collections and make a Research Appointment.

» Research and the Museum at FIT: The Museum at FIT offers support for researchers. 

»  Faculty Research Space: FIT's Faculty Research Space is an interdisciplinary lab space intended to foster work across schools and support a commitment to technology, innovation, and exploration. 

»  FIT DTech: DTech is where teams of FIT students work with expert faculty to engage in research and problem-solving projects for companies facing a wide range of challenges.

FIT Funding Opportunities for Faculty Activities

»  FIT Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs

»  Faculty Development Grants and Awards: FDGA offers micro grants for research and to support faculty travel to conferences and professional gatherings.

»  Diversity Council Grants

»  Sustainability Council Grants 

SUNY Resources

»  The Research Foundation for the SUNY

»  Research and Innovation at SUNY