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#TIME: 2016 Creative Technology Program Annual Exhibition
Adrian: Hollywood and Beyond


Image:  Adrian, evening dress, 1947, USA, printed rayon textile by Wesley Simpson/Salvador Dalí.
Image: Adrian, evening dress, 1947, USA, printed rayon textile by Wesley Simpson/Salvador Dalí.
Adrian: Hollywood and Beyond
Gallery FIT
March 7, 2017 – April 1, 2017

Adrian: Hollywood and Beyond explores Gilbert Adrian’s ready-to-wear and costume designs, with a focus on his innovative use of textiles. Organized by graduate students in the Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice program, this exhibition is the first to analyze Adrian’s work within the context of the contemporary fashion and textile design of the mid-twentieth century.

Adrian’s relationships with prominent figures within the textile industry, such as Wesley Simpson and Pola Stout, were integral to his artistic vision. In Adrian: Hollywood and Beyond, these collaborations and other professional associations are explored alongside a selection of garments and textile samples from the permanent collection of The Museum at FIT. Included is an eye-catching gown created from a Wesley Simpson textile and illustrated by artist Salvador Dali. This dress, alongside a selection of garments, textiles, advertisements, and film clips demonstrate how Adrian’s use of printed textiles and creative construction methods made him a master of modern design.

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Image: JWT
Image: Creative Technology Program Advisory Board "JWT"
#TIME: 2016 Creative Technology Program Annual Exhibition
Gallery FIT
November 15, 2016 – December 13, 2016

Time is a difficult concept to grasp or describe, but it's something we all feel, from the agony of waiting for a file to download to the joy of breezing through page after page of a beautiful story. In our daily lives, each second might seem insignificant or trivial. But for experienced temporal designers, even a split-second could be used as an effective instrument to influence how people perceive and experience content.

To highlight the importance of time as a primary design element in addition to type and imagery, the Creative Technology Program at FIT is dedicating its second annual exhibition to temporal design. #TIME: 2016 Creative Technology Program Annual Exhibition emphasizes visual storytelling, interaction strategies, and conceptual thinking for designing with time in mind. The exhibition will be divided into three parts: motion design, interaction design, and time-based information design, such as timelines and calendars. Each project in this exhibition will display its own distinctive, creative approach to solving design problems using temporal design principles. It provides an opportunity for those interested in temporal design, across a range of disciplines, methods, and practices, to reflect on what it might mean to them.

#TIME will showcase the best projects from Creative Technology program courses such as Kinetic Typography, Immersive-Publication Design, User Experience Design, and Design for Screen-based Media. To demonstrate the linkage between these student projects and current industry practices, selected professional projects from the alumni, faculty, and advisory board of the program will also be on view.