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1997 Martin Magiela linen tunic with dress form lettering printed on front

Fashion is inextricably linked to the physical form of the wearer. The Body: Fashion and Physique will elucidate the impact the fashion industry has had on how people have viewed and treated their bodies throughout history. Opens Dec. 5.

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Exhibition Blog

woman in cream full length cape with hood standing on ice glacier / Photograph by John Cowan, 1964 © The John Cowan Archive

Have you checked out the Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme blog? Explore the history and behind-the-scenes stories of this unique exhibition in a new post each week.

Fashion Symposium

Women in white fur standing in middle of ice glaciers / Photograph by John Cowan, 1964. Copyright The John Cowan Archive.

On October 10, scholars, curators, and designers explored the impact of scientific thought on fashion for the Fashion, Science, and Exploration symposium. Watch the recorded livestream.

Fashion Culture Programs

Unzipped documentary film poster with Isaac Mizrahi on the cover
MFIT's Fashion Culture programs sell out quickly. Secure your spot to an upcoming film screening or one of a number of lectures with industry leaders. Register today!