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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find details about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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Teaching with Technology

Welcome to the CET's Teaching with Technology page. Designed by faculty to support teaching in all modalities, you will find a broad range of technology-centric resources, including recordings, tutorials and links. Also, please check the CET calendar frequently for new events and workshops and our Instructional Technology Resources page.

For recordings of CET events and seminars, please visit individual events pages.
Additional resources can be found on our faculty orientation resources page.

FIT Digital Syllabus


Flipping the Classroom 

Syllabus Header

The FIT Concourse Digital Syllabus  (also known as Syllabus Connect) is a campus-wide, syllabus template that automatically includes key FIT resources and information to benefit students. You can easily build and/or edit your course syllabus with the Concourse Syllabus template. Please contact the CET with questions or comments. 212-217-4063

Please Click here to visit our FIT Digital Syllabus Page.



The "Flipped Classroom" instructional strategy aims to increase student engagement and learning by having students complete activities usually reserved for the classroom (e.g. watching videos of lectures, demos, guest speaker events) prior to the class meeting. This series of video clips explores this concept in ways that will guide your efforts. Click on the image to view or use this video link.Flipped Classroom Graphic

Instructional Technology Resources


CET Event Recordings and Resources

Resources to support your instructional technology needs. This includes video tutorials and link recommendations from students who find these resources to be useful. Visit Page


The CET records most of their events for future use. Featured events including: Designing with MusicFashion Design in 3D, and Teaching with Technology  This page also includes Blackboard tutorials to support remote and face to face teaching. Visit page

Student Engagement with VoiceThread


Engaging and Managing

Voicethread on Interaction with Students

Voicethread as a tool of engagment. Feel free to add your comments.


video Online Presence

Enhancing your presence while online

Additional Links, Workshop Recordings and Resources