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Tips for New Faculty

Campus Map

campus map

Helpful Campus Sites

Feldman lobby

Book Store/Books for classes:

  • Barnes and Noble Book Campus Store. Between the Dubinsky Center and the Business & Liberal Arts Center - basement
  • Fashion Books. Across the Business & Liberal Arts Center / Barnes and Noble

Enter through the Dubinsky Center, ground floor
Faculty/Staff lunch room the Dubinsky Center, 8th floor
Vending machines located throughout the campus and a quick food kiosk in the Feldman Center lobby

Campus Card Office:website

Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET):
On campus learning and teaching programs - 24/7 computer access Room B502
A CET lab access card is required to gain entry. (See Teresa Dixon, Security, D442 for access)

Classroom and Office Keys:
Keys for classrooms and departmental offices can be ordered through the department office supervisor. You must fill out the proper Key Request Form. There is a wait time.

Collective Bargaining Agreement:pdf
Sick/Personal Days/ Absence Policy /Substitution Procedures /Teaching Office Hours

Counseling Center:
For students - Room A212B

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):
Assists employees with personal problems
212 217.5600 - Room DC35

Grading Policy:
See your department policy on grading, absences and lateness policies.

Graphics Lab (PrintFX):
On campus graphics scanning and printing services.
Room D529A 212 217.8952

Health Services and Procedures:
Room A402 212 217.4190

Human Resource Office:
236 West 27th Street, 11th Floor 212 217.3650

Library and library resources:
Goodman Center - Floors 4, 5, 6; enter through 5th floor

Payroll Office:
236 West 27th Street, 5th Floor

Security Office: Lost/Found
Located on the Fourth Floor of the Pomerantz Center - Room D442-Security Telephone 212 217.7777
RED security phones, located on floors, are directly connected to the Security Office.