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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Classes and employee work have been moved to online and remote environments.   Read more details at fitnyc.edu/coronavirus

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CET Workshop Recordings

For recordings of CET events and seminars, please visit individual events pages.
Additional resources can be found on our faculty orientation resources page.

Library Resources


Tips on Teaching

FIT Digital Library Resources: Supporting Student Research. Webinar presented by Helen Lane April 2nd 2020

Lowering the Cost of Learning with Easy Access Open Educational Resources (OER) An introduction to Open Education Resources(OER) textbooks and materials.   Presented by Helen Lane



 Tips for Teaching webinar  (captioned) by Elaine Maldonado as presented to FIT-SUNY Korea, August 29th, 2019

A Quick Guide to Using Rubrics as presented by Carolyn Comiskey and Elaine Maldonado, April 22, 2020. Download Resources  for the design, creation and use of rubrics. 

How to Build a Digital Syllabus Workshop by Jeffrey Riman,
 Use this step-by-step tutorial to get you started. 

Enhancing your online presence in remote or fully online courses. 

Blackboard Pedagogy

  VoiceThread and Quick Video 

 Presentation by Jeffrey Riman on Blackboard Pedagogy 
Strategies and tools for success as you prepare to teach remotely. Presentation with live links in support of the onlne workshop.

Building Rubrics in Blackboard as presented by Jeffrey Riman

CET Tips for Blackboard Use Webinar (captioned) by Jeffrey Riman as presented to FIT-SUNY Korea, Sep 5th, 2019

Working With Groups in Blackboard by Jeffrey Riman
How to create groups and link them to your assignments and discussion forums, and more. Workshop presentation


Join a VoiceThread Tour led by Jeffrey Riman.

Detailed instructions for Teachers using VoiceThread in Blackboard

Instructions for students who need to create and share their Voicethreads with the class. 

Intro to Quick Video (captioned) by Jeffrey Riman, September 24th, 2019



Teaching a 3, 4 or 6 Hour Course Online?    Textbooks

This two-part series explored the challenges of teaching long duration classes online. 

Part one event recording (discussion) This session focuses on teaching strategies that keep students online, engaged and learning. 

Part two event recording (workshop) This online workshop explored digital tools that can help students stay engaged in classes of long duration in a remote environment.



Carla Oliver Bowens, FIT’s Barnes and Noble store manager,
provides an overview on ordering texts and materials, including OER textbooks, for next semester.

Zoom Event Recording

Barnes and Noble Overview Faculty Training Video for the Adoption & Insights Portal. Quickstart pdf file.