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Tutor Autobiographies

Tutoring CenterAnastacia Rodriguez
AAS, Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Design); BFA, Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Design)
Subjects: fashion design (draping, sewing, patternmaking, computer graphics for FD)
Advice for Students:  The Fashion Design program at FIT will be hard; it might even be the hardest thing you accomplish in life, but it will prepare you well. The technical skills training you receive from FIT will be worth every moment you lack of sleep. Work hard and be proud that you have made it this far.

Chahat Jain
AAS, Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Business Merchandising) Minor in French and Economics
Subject: Economics, Math, Computer and Fashion Merchandising courses
Advice for Students: Don't be afraid to ask questions, either in class or in the tutoring session.  Everyone's here to help.

Christine Yeh
BFA, Fashion Institute of Technology (Computer Animation and Interactive Media)
Subjects: computer graphics, 3D software, Mandarin Chinese
Advice for Students: Aim high and be patient.

Deborah Clark
BA, Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Design)
Subjects: fashion design, computer graphics
Advice for Students:  Follow your dreams and don't step on others as you grow because you will meet them again. Be the better-spirited person.

Fatima Eroglu
BFA Fashion Institute of Technology (Sportswear), Minor International Trade and Marketing
Subjects: Spanish, History of Arts

Giuia Rao
Fashion Institute of Techenology (Fashion Design)
Subjects: fashion design, Italian
Advice for Students: If you ever feel overwhelmed, stop for a second, close your eyes and think that you are here, in New York City, at FIT, to chase your dreams. Enjoy your acomplishments and never be too harsh on yourself; forgive and move on.

Jane Talcott
BFA, Rhode Island School of Design (Textile Design)
Subjects:  textile design woven/prints, computer graphics
Advice for Students:  Keep a sketchbook, develop your vision, play with software tools without an agenda for short periods consistently. Watch tutorials and investigate the marketplace and exhibitions.

Joanne St. Clair
AAS, Fashion Institute of Technology (Advertising and Marketing Communications)
Subjects: Advertising and Marketing Communications, InDesign, Fashion Business Practices
Advice to students: Don't be afraid to test your limits and learn from your mistakes instead of ignoring them. Always try to be the best version of yourself in whatever you do.

Johnny Ng
BFA, Fashion Institute of Technology (Computer Animation and Interactive Media); MFA, School of Visual Arts (Computer Arts)
Subjects: computer animation, graphic design
Advice for Students:  Study hard, have a lot of patience, and be creative.  Also, pursue some of your education outside of FIT because that will open you up to even more opportunities.

Katelyn Malecki
AAS, Onondaga Community College (Business Administration);  AAS, Fashion Institute of Technology (Advertising and Marketing)
Subjects: AMC, economics, Excel, American history
Advice for Students:  Try to relate course material to your own life and how you view the world.  It can often help you understand things better and make it a bit more interesting.

Keri Graef
BS, Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Business Management)
Subjects: Retail Math, Fashion Merchandising, Financial Assortment and Planning, Microsoft Information System, Italian
Advice for students: If a concept is challenging to understand, come up with relatable examples to help yourself grasp the information.

Lea Banchereau
AAS, Fashion Institute of Technology
Fashion Business Management, French
Advise for Students:  Take advantage of all the resources FIT has to offer.  Try to relate what you learn in the classroom to real life scenarios and situations. Life is short and unique.  Never say no.  Try new things, experience life, and live it up.

Lu Gomezdela Torre Clavel
AAS, Laguardia Community College (Math and Science); BS, Fashion Institute of Technology (Textile Development and Marketing)
Subjects: Italian, Spanish, economics, statistics, textiles
Advise for Students: Always be positive and never give up.  There is nothing that is impossible.  You just have to keep focus and work with dedication.

Macarena Gomezdela Torre Clavel
BA, Queens College (Biology)
Subjects: biology, math, science, Italian, Spanish
Advice for Students: Never be afraid to ask questions and reach out for help when learning new or difficult subjects.  Perserverance and hard work are the key to success.

Russell Jenkins
BA, Rutgers University (Economics)
Subjects:  economics, mathematics, Microsoft Office
Advice for Students:  Allow yourself to think of your course work (especially those classes which are required but not directly related to your major) as the "broader tapestry/medium" in which you have to work and create. 

Uyen Truong
AAS, Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Design)
Subjects: 3D software, Computer Graphics, Technical Design
Advice for Students: Don't be afraid to experience new things.  Be patient, be creative, look at different perspectives around the problem, and have fun learning!