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How to Make Tutoring Work for You

Tutoring In ActionThe Academic Skills Tutoring Center exists to help you help yourself; therefore, your active participation in the learning process is expected.  We ask that you:

Attend classes regularly.

The Center is designed to supplement class instruction, not replace it.  Your tutor may only go over information that has already been discussed in class.  They may not go ahead of what the instructor has been covering. 

Come prepared to each tutoring session.

Bring with you all necessary materials such as notes, textbooks and whatever tools and supplies you will need to work.  Read your assignments and try to do as much work as possible before your tutoring sessions.  By doing this, you and the tutor can then concentrate on those areas with which you are having difficulty.

Do not ask or expect a tutor to do any of your work for you.

While it is acceptable that a student may need clarification concerning a difficult assignment, for the tutor to do more is in violation of the FIT Code of Conduct.

Use the Center regularly and efficiently.

You will benefit the most from tutoring if you come on a regular basis and begin attending early on in the semester. Do not come in only on the day of or the day before an exam and expect the tutor to explain everything you will need to know or to help you finish up assignments at the last minute.  If you attend sessions on a more frequent basis, you will be able to plan ahead for upcoming assignments and exams.

Do not expect the tutor to know everything.

Please remember that some tutors are students just like you and are not expected to have the same level of expertise as your instructor.  On certain occasions, they may need to speak to you instructor to clarify certain information.

Ask questions when something is unclear.

If you do not understand something, you should let the tutor know.  You may need the information explained again, or the tutor may need to try another way of conveying the information. 

Report any problems you are having with your tutor.

If you are experiencing problems with your tutor such as repeated absences or lateness, please speak to the coordinator or evening supervisor as soon as possible.

Evaluate our tutoring services.

We ask that every student who uses our services please fill out an evaluation form.  The evaluations help us to improve the services we provide. When classes are on campus, you may pick up an evaluation form in Dubinsky Center, Room A608b or Conference Center, Room CC15.  Please place the completed form in the evaluation boxes in those rooms.  While taking online tutoring, you can fill out the evaluation form online. You may also send an email with your comments and suggestions to [email protected].