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TV Broadcast/Radio: WFIT

WFIT is FIT's student-run broadcasting club. Sponsored by the FIT Student Government Association and generous grants from the Student-Faculty Corporation, WFIT maintains the cable television channels 86 and 87, which program campus events and student-produced videos. WFIT is open to all FIT students and is a great place to gain vital experience in all areas of broadcast operations including sales, promotion, music programming, audio and video production, and more.
Advisor: Elena Romero, [email protected], (212) 217-4516

Newspaper: W27

W27 is FIT's college newspaper. It is created and produced monthly by students who are involved in all aspects of production: journalism, editing, layout, budget, promotion, and advertising. The paper serves as the voice of the student body and covers topics of interest to the college community. Content highlights college issues and entertainment, as well as New York City and national news. All full- and part-time students are invited to participate, which meets weekly during common hour in their office space located on the seventh floor of the David Dubinsky Student Center. Freedom of Press is protected by the editorial board and SGA. The paper is funded by FITSA and is distributed free of charge to the college community.
Advisor: Albert Romano, [email protected](212) 217-4473

Blush Magazine

Blush magazine is a beauty-centric, magazine-style publication that provides student readers a glimpse into the latest in beauty news, trends, and industry insights.
[email protected] 
Advisor: Laura Hatmaker, [email protected], (212) 217-4716