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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find details about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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FIT's Strategic Plan

the word strategy noun: a careful plan or method; the art of devising or employing plans or stratagems toward a goal; an adaptation or complex of adaptations that serves or appears to serve an important function in achieving evolutionary success.
the word plan noun: a method for achieving an end; an often customary method of doing something; a detailed formulation of a program of action; an orderly arrangement of parts of an overall design or objective.

Since 1998, FIT has embraced the strategic planning process in order to collectively explore key questions of institutional identity and frame a vision of the FIT of tomorrow. Now in its third iteration, the process has proven to be an effective one that is inclusive and wide ranging. It is the very vehicle to answer the question:

Where will FIT be—what will FIT be—15, 25, or even 60 years from today?

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