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Policies, Contracts, Withdrawal Information and Forms

You are part of the FIT Community.

The FIT Residential Life Office is committed to the concept of building a healthy community. What does this mean? In a word...Responsibility.

Responsibility for oneself. Along with the new found freedoms of college comes the responsibility of making choices: choices of lifestyle, study habits, friends, relationships, social experiences, and finances.

  • You are expected to exercise self-discipline and good judgment, and to take responsibility for your decisions and behaviors.
  • You are responsible for making individual decisions that do not infringe on the rights of other residents or roommates. We ask roommates to sign a roommate agreement. Roommate agreements are completed in conjuction with the Resident Assistant (RA) on your floor.  For a questions about the roommate agreement, you should see the RA on your floor.
  • You are responsible for the daily care of your room. This includes bed making, tidiness, cleaning and personal laundry.

Responsibility for the floor and building. FIT residents are expected to take an active role in shaping and running their residence hall environment, planning floor and building activities and possibly serving in leadership positions. This means participating in floor meetings and activities, getting to know other residents and looking out for them, and holding each other responsible for behavior that detracts from the living environment.

Responsibility for conduct. Policies and procedures governing student conduct are outlined in the Resident Handbook (.pdf), and they are strictly enforced. Your signature on the Residence Contract (.pdf) indicates your willingness to live by the rules and standards outlined therein.

  • FIT is a dry campus. Alcohol and/or drug use is prohibited on campus, including in the residence halls.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any indoor area of the campus. Smoking is also prohibited outside on campus property, including the breezeway between the A and B buildings, terraces, and any areas under an FIT overhang. Not included are the sidewalks or the street, which, as public property are not subject to FIT jurisdiction.

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