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Workshop Video Sessions

Watch video recordings of workshop sessions:

Blackboard Basics   Blackboard Pedagogy

Blackboard Basics with Margaret Bishop (video)

Blackboard Basics (presentation)

Set up Your Blackboard Grade Center (video)

Set up Your Blackboard Grade Center (presentation)

How to Create a Quiz or Exam

Blackboard Reports (SUNY)

Retention Center (SUNY)



Presentation by Jeffrey Riman on Blackboard Pedagogy 
This workshop looks at strategies and tools for success as you prepare to teach remotely. 

Presentation with live links in support of the onlne workshop.

Managing Your Online Course (SUNY)

Building Online Class Community (SUNY)

Effective Online Discussions (SUNY)

Synchronous Teaching Tools   Asynchronous Teaching Tools

Teach Live Classes with Blackboard Collaborate by Jose Diaz
You can also record and share your classes for students unable to attend live, as well as offer live office hours.

Working with Groups in Blackboard Collaborate
While using Collaborate, you can break into sub-groups for discussion.

Streaming with 2 Cameras Using Blackboard Collaborate and Screencast-o-matic (Advanced)


Record Your Screen with Screencast-O-Matic

How to Embed a PowerPoint Presentation into Blackboard

VoiceThread is an asynchronous discussion tool that allows faculty and students to interact using video, audio and over 50 different types of media.

Video Tools
   Building Groups in Blackboard

Best Practices for Using Video in Online Courses

Create Interactive Videos with H5P

Upload Videos to YouTube to Share in Blackboard
(begin video at 6:43)

How to Edit the Captions in Your YouTube Videos


Working With Groups in Blackboard by Jeffrey Riman
In this session, we explore the benefits and challenges of group collaboration. A live demo includes how to create groups and link them to your assignments and discussion forums, and how students can hold group meetings using Blackboard Collaborate. Here's the presentation that accompanies the workshop.