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Graduate Credit Courses

Below is a list of the credit courses FIT offers online. Note that not all of these courses are offered every semester. For a list of courses offered by semester, visit the Registrar's Class Search page. After you select the semester and subject, make sure to choose "Online" from the Instructional Method options.

GF 583 Culture and International Business

3 credits
Pre-requisite: This is a graduate-level course. Only open to students in the Global Fashion Management program.
Explores the relationship of international business practices to various national cultures. Applies concepts borrowed from cultural anthropology and sociology to specific problems and situations encountered in international business. Using case studies, team projects, and simulation exercises, to highlight common dilemmas encountered in marketing, negotiations, human resources, business communications, organizational structure and management.   

IC 592 Internship - Exhibition Design
2 credits
IC 592 OL is a customized, online course designed to support Exhibition Design Master’s Program students’ experiential learning during industry-specific internships taken for academic credit. During their six-week summer internships requiring a minimum of 78 onsite internship hours, students develop their technical skills of exhibition design by gaining real-life work experience at exhibition-design companies, museums, or other industry-related organizations.