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Wearing Memories: Call for Contributors

Do you have a garment that holds special meaning? Share with us its story and images for our spring 2018 exhibition, Fashion Unraveled, a show about clothing that is worn, imperfect, and incomplete. The Museum at FIT is inviting the public to help tell the story of clothes. Join us by sharing yours and it might be included in a digital component of our exhibition! 

Step One: Photograph Your Garment

You may submit up to three images of your garment. One must be of the whole garment unworn; the other two can be detail shots or a photograph of someone wearing the garment. See examples.


  • Take an artistic photograph of the garment hanging or lying flat. The background should be uncluttered and neutral in color (preferably black or white). Select a background that will contrast the color of the garment (i.e. if photographing a white shirt, place it against a dark background).
  • Center the object in the photograph, taking care that it is arranged as symmetrically as possible.
  • Make sure the garment is well lit.
  • If submitting an existing photograph of someone wearing the garment, be sure you have their permission to share the image.

File type:

  • Files should be in jpeg or png format, no smaller than 2mb
  • Do not include any text on the photograph.
  • Name photographs in the following manner: FirstName_LastName_img01.jpg
    (img01 = sequence of images)

Step Two: Write About Your Garment

Text requirements:

  • In 150 words or less, tell us why this garment is special to you. Did it belong to a beloved relative? Was it something you wore to a successful job interview? If it is not something you wear regularly, tell us why you keep it.
  • If you know the name of the maker or approximate dates of the garment, please include those details.
  • See examples.

Please note that submissions are subject to editing by MFIT staff in order to make this project as viewer-friendly as possible. Images may be cropped, reformatted, or color corrected. Text will be proofread and copyedited as needed. The Museum at FIT maintains the right to exclude submissions for any reason. Read the terms and conditions of submission.

Step Three: Submit your story

Visit our online Submission Form to share your garment and story with us! If you would like to submit more than one item, you can simply complete the form again. We ask that you limit your submissions to no more than three.

Thank you for contributing to Wearing Memories! This project is ongoing through the run of the exhibition (May 29 – November 17, 2018), but only responses received by May 7, 2018 will be considered for inclusion in the gallery. Additional selected responses will be published on Tumblr.