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Speaker Biographies 2012

 Clark Aldrich  Dr. Christopher Breward  Claudio Del Vecchio  Patricia Mears  Richard Press
  Jeffrey Banks  Daniel Cappello  Dusty Grainger  Dr. Monica Miller  John Tinseth
 Michael Bastian  Dr. Deirdre Clemente  Dr. Peter McNeil  Dr. Masafumi Monden  Paul Winston
 G. Bruce Boyer  Doria de La Chapelle      


Clark Aldrich
is the photographer for the popular blog, The Daily Prep, of which he is also co-editor with his wife, Muffy Aldrich.

Jeffrey Banks has been lauded for his elegant interpretations of menswear. The designer is also co-author of Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style and Tartan: Romancing the Plaid.

Michael Bastian, the CFDAs 2011 Menswear Designer of the Year, says, I start with something perfectly designed and executed, then spend a lot of time knocking the edge off.

G. Bruce Boyer has written about mens fashion for more than 35 years. He is a special consultant and co-curator for The Museum at FIT exhibition, Ivy Style.

Dr. Christopher Breward is professor of cultural history at the University of Edinburgh. He has published work widely on fashion and its relationship to masculinities.

Daniel Cappello is the fashion director of Quest Media. His book, The Ivy League, examines the cultural, historical, and academic elements that make each Ivy campus unique.

Dr. Deirdre Clemente is an assistant professor at the University of Las Vegas. Her book, Dress Casual, explores how collegians pioneered the adoption of casual dress.

Doria de La Chapelle has written about fashion for Mademoiselle and other magazines. She is co-author with Jeffrey Banks of Tartan: Romancing the Plaid and Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style.

Claudio Del Vecchio is the chairman and CEO of Brooks Brothers Group, Inc., and executive director of the Luxottica Group.

Dusty Grainger spent his formative years amidst the traditional sartorial splendor of his hometown haberdashery. Today, he is author of the menswear blog Maxminimus.

Dr. Peter McNeil is professor of design history at the University of Technology, Sydney, and professor of fashion studies at Stockholm University. His books include the award-winning Fashion: Critical and Primary Sources.

Patricia Mears is deputy director of The Museum at FIT, where she has organized numerous exhibitions. She is curator of the exhibition Ivy Style and primary author of its companion book.

Dr. Monica Miller is an associate professor of English at Barnard College specializing in African-American literature and cultural studies. Her most recent book is Slaves to Fashion: Black Dandyism and the Styling of Black Diasporic Identity.

Dr. Masafumi Monden is interested in the aesthetics of fashion and gender identity and fashions role in cinema, ballet, opera, and popular culture.

Richard Press is the grandson of Jacobi Press, founder of renowned clothier J. Press. Hailed by Tablet Magazine as the preeminent historian of classic Ivy, he is a co-curator and special consultant to the exhibition Ivy Style.

John Tinseth is an ex-deputy sheriff, ex-paratrooper, ex-park ranger, and author of The Trad, a mens style blog.

Paul Winston turned his fathers custom tailors, Chipp Clothiers, into a renowned Ivy League haberdashery during the 1960s. Today, he oversees Chipp 2, a New York specialty shop offering exclusive mens furnishings.